Weekly Weigh-In #1

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I’ve decided that Tuesdays would be the day of my Weekly Weigh-In. That’s probably because “Wednesday’s Weekly Weigh-In” just had too many Ws in it for my liking. And it sounded like a lunch special at Souplantation or something.

Here’s how it will go down. I will:

  • Weigh myself each Tuesday morning at the same time
  • Wear the same clothes each time
  • Do it before breakfast

At any rate, here we go with this week’s results.

Weight for March 25, 2008: 251 pounds

That’s a gain of one half pound. Now I could go and eat a donut and cry and whine over gaining a mere 8 ounces but I’m not. I can’t. That’s not how things are going to work this time so I’ll accept it and move on to doing things right. Keep in mind that this included the Easter holiday on Sunday so I could have gained much more than I did.

Yesterday’s exercises included my 1.5 mile walk, sit-ups, weight training, biking for about a half mile with my son, and 30 minutes of Wii Sports. It was indeed a full slate of activities and it felt good to use my weight machine as such rather than the clothes rack it’s been for some time now.

My employer will be getting a fresh batch of fruit this morning so I’m set for snacks today. Dinner is still up in the air but chances are it will be some kind of chicken or a salad.

Speaking of food, when I changed my eating habits I made it a point to cut back on red meat. Chicken is about the only kind of meat I eat regularly; I was a fast-food carnivore prior to making the change.

I also gave up my reliance on diet soft drinks. People, you have no idea how bad I was when it came to diet soft drinks. I would buy a case and be through it within a day or two. It got a point where I literally felt addicted to them and needed a “fix” in order to carry on. That’s when I knew I had a problem–as if diet sodas were a hard drug–and quit cold turkey, much to my wife’s amusement.

“You? Give up diet sodas? Yeah, right!”

The next day I threw them all out and started buying bottled water.

I’m not saying I don’t drink them at all, no. I might have one every other day if the mood bothers to strike me. My beverages of choice are now bottled water, bottled water mixed with those flavor packets, or SoBe Green Tea.

My wife still a bit incredulous to the idea of me not drinking diet sodas anymore, especially switching to green tea. I hate it, but it’s better for you.

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