Not My Kind of Motivation

2008/03/26 at 7:45 pm | Posted in Commentary, Motivation | Comments Off on Not My Kind of Motivation

Okay, alright, I admit that every now and then I need that little boost to carry me through this journey of mine. So last night I opened up iTunes and searched for “weight loss” in the podcast section.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but when I realized that were so many out there it was hard to narrow my choice down to one.

So I ended up selecting one in particular which shall remain nameless (as long as I can bite my tongue). From the preview it sounded interesting. Then again, I was listening to the prologue to the podcast which explained what would be covered. Anyhow, I subscribed to it in the hopes that it would bring me the necessary words of wisdom to succeed while out for my walk.

I continued listening to the prologue at work and yes, it still sounded like it was going in the right direction.

Then the psychobabblish mumbo-jumbo began and the rest was lost on me.

Maybe it’s because I’m a guy. Maybe it’s because I can be an arrogant, stubborn bastard at times. Or maybe, being the creative type of person I am, the message that the author was trying to convey was a bit more complex than it need to be. The truth is I’m willing to give just about anything a shot at least once but these so-called motivational podcasts? No thanks. I’ve learned my lesson and will unsubscribe when I get home.

Additionally, it seems that mostly everything about weight loss, whether periodical or podcast, is aimed at the female crowd. This was apparent when the author started to talk about “fitting into my favorite bikini by summertime.” It’s as is if every man is perfectly accepting of their physical stature and desires not to change it.

Some of us beg to differ.

I came to the conclusion that if this kind of rhetoric is what carries you through your progress, that’s entirely fine. Be happy and go with it. But I guess the only things I need to get me through all of this, even in my darkest hours, should be those that inspired me to do it in the first place: my wife and son.

They are who I live for, who I would die for, and who encourage me to push harder—whether they know it or not. On those days when I don’t feel like walking or want to buy that pack of Pop-Tarts from the food machine, all I have to do is look at their pictures on my desk and my mind shifts immediately.

Thanks, guys. You are indeed my motivation.

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