Victories and Milestones

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I am adding two new Categories to the blog today: Victory and Milestone. Here’s a brief description of each.

A Victory will commemorate a major event that I had been battling since starting my weight loss, for example, fitting into a smaller pair of pants, shirt, etc. In short, it’s a small celebration.

A Milestone, on the other hand, will recognize a major event in a series that is worthy of recognition but will only lead to better things down the road.

Confused? Fear not, I have an example of both on today’s entry.

Today’s Victory
Years ago, Ann bought me a Low Rider brand shirt that, in all honesty, is one of the coolest shirts I’ve ever owned. It’s red-and-black-and-white plaid. It’s truly worth wearing but the problem was that when she bought it I was still, for lack of a better term, a blimp and could only button the thing in certain areas.

It was a size Large. What in the world was she thinking?

At any rate, I swore I’d wear that shirt if it killed me because it’s the thought that counts. Last night I tried it on for the first time in months and I’ll be damned if it fits me now. It’s a bit snug at the bottom button but hey, that’s easy to fix. I have conquered the shirt and could possibly wear it to my uncle’s wedding in a few months. That’s a sure Victory.

Today’s Milestone
Yesterday at work I had noticed at that my belt wasn’t quite holding up my pants they way they used to. So I went into the bathroom, unbuckled it and pulled it tighter. It was then that I realized that I need a new hole on my belt since I had surpassed the smallest one.

I went home and drilled a hole in my belt so that it does the job better—until I have to buy a smaller belt. That’s a Milestone.

The next Victory has yet to be determined but my Milestone is quickly approaching: Reaching the 240s.

Stay tuned!

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