Milestone #2

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(Today’s weight has nothing to do with the Weekly Weigh-In which will be considered my “official weight” and the one that will be tracked.)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, another milestone has been reached.

Today I weighed in at 249.4 which means I’m officially in the 240s. I will celebrate by having a few donuts for lunch.

Just kidding. Although I would really want to, now is not the time to start resting on my laurels. In fact it’s time to kick things up a notch and I’ve already begun by dropping my daily Weight Watchers Points count from 26 to 28.

Speaking of Points, losing weight takes discipline. I have an Excel chart that I created which helps me plan my meals each day and calculate my Points as well. When I get to work I open up the chart and enter the Points value for each item; this way I know exactly what I can or can’t have for dinner. (Note: I had a Veggie Works Burrito from Del Taco last night. I had the Points to do it and yes, it was delicious.)

I calculate my Points each day so as not to disturb my plan. Each day, people. That means no faltering or excuses of any kind.

On the subject of daily routines, here’s my daily exercise plan.

I take the train to work and as such I do a lot of walking: to and from the train station and work, up and down stairs at the stations, etc. I take the escalators only when the stairs are flooded with people running at me.

Once at work I walk up two flights of stairs—no elevator for me. During my one-hour lunch I walk between one and one-and-a half miles around beautiful corporate El Segundo. The area is very pedestrian and many people do the same thing since, like me, they probably take the train to work and can’t do much of anything else during lunch.

At home I do the following:

  • 15-20 minutes of weight training
  • 50-100 half sit-ups or crunches, whatever you want to call them
  • 30-60 minutes of Wii Sports when the mood strikes me

Sometimes, however, I alternate between Wii Sports and weight training. Tonight may be one of those nights as I am pretty sore from last night’s weight session. (Note: I have a home gym of similar to this one. It’s nothing fancy but it does the job.)

Keep in mind that between my commute and workday, I’m away from home at least 11 hours. Even so, I find the time to do all of these things, maintain two blogs and still do my fatherly and husbandly duties.

So what’s my point?

Don’t be lazy. There are 24 hours in the day. If you’re trying to lose weight, make the most of each day handed to you because the pounds won’t fall off by themselves.

Stick with it. I know you can.

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