Bad (Food) Day

2008/03/31 at 2:55 pm | Posted in Food, Life, Thoughts | Comments Off on Bad (Food) Day

Being that yesterday was my son’s 4th birthday, I fell into the festivities and eat cake and ice cream. Lunch consisted of a tuna salad sandwich that I made with low-fat mayonnaise and dinner, well…I didn’t have dinner primarily because I snacked here and there throughout the day.

The scale was not kind to me this morning but that’ll change for tomorrow’s Weekly Weigh-In, the results of which will naturally be posted here along with my thoughts on the week or the program in general. As a result of yesterday’s festivities I feel like I did when I weighed 297 pounds–really fat. Yeah, I know I’m still not the thinnest buy on the block but today I feel jumbo whereas on Friday I didn’t. I should just be glad I rode nearly two miles in the morning to fetch the Sunday paper, otherwise I think I’d feel even more blimpish.

I think I will either do two one-mile laps or my usual one-and-a-half miles today for my lunchtime walk to make up for it. We’ll see.

To make matters slightly more challenging, we’re having another party for our son on Wednesday at the local Chuck E. Cheese’s (mostly for his friends to go and run a muck). There will be pizza and I’ve decided that I will have only a few slices. The rest of the time I will be running around taking the kids’ pictures with a teenager in a giant rodent costume, and making sure everything goes well.

Wish me luck!

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