Weekly Weigh-In #2

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Today’s results:

Weekly Weigh-In #2: 248.0 lbs.

Gain/loss of: -3 lbs.

I’m not gonna lie–I was at 247.4 sometime this week but the birthday celebration eating got a little out of hand. I’m a bit annoyed at not being able to maintain that weight for this week’s weigh-in but alas, there’s always this week. And considering my doctors’ plan is to make my goal 1-2 pounds per week I’d say I’m on target.

My face definitely seems thinner and the belly’s getting flatter. It’s not a six pack by any stretch of the imagination but as long as it’s not as flabby as it was, I’m cool.

I’ve done some calculations. My birthday is about 46 weeks away, so if I lose:

  • 1 pound a week: 46 pounds (202 pounds at goal date)
  • 1.5 pounds a week: 69 pounds (179 at goal date)
  • 2 pounds a week: 92 pounds (156 at goal date)

It seems rather unlikely that I will lose 2 pounds a week over the next 46 weeks, but you can never be too sure. The trick, of course, is keeping it all under control. That’s where most mortal human beings fail at weight loss, at least those of us that didn’t opt for (gastric or lap-band) surgery.

On the subject of weighing in, here’s a chance to mention my scale. It’s a Conair Weight Watchers WW67T model scale and I bought it at Target. It measures all sorts of things: BMI, bone mass, etc. The glass base seems to make to make it more accurate than those cheap plastic ones since it doesn’t flex when you step on it. So far I’ve been pleased with the results.

That’ll do it for today!

1 Comment

  1. Hey, I have the same scale and I am trying to the order of the stats that it provides, other than the abbreviation. I have lost my manual. Can you please tell me what they all stand for in the order that they come up? It would be a great help. Thanks. So far I haven’t really used the scale but I will be and am looking forward to seeing the numbers go down!

    Hi there. After a quick search here’s what I found: Body Fat, Body Water, Bone Mass, and BMI. There might be more so I will check when I get home! And best of luck to you–you can do it!

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