Milestone #6

2008/04/19 at 8:27 am | Posted in Exercise, Food, Health, Life, Milestone, Motivation, weight loss | Comments Off on Milestone #6
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At a weight of 239.6, I have officially reached the 230s and that’s after having a Portillo’s hot dog for dinner last night (sans the fries–those are what get ya).

We did a lot of walking yesterday around downtown Long Beach as it’s Grad Prix Weekend around these parts. It was a tad hot so we ate (a very overpriced) lunch in the shade of a giant Tecate inflatable beer can. A fun time was had by all.

So it looks like I may reach my goal for my next weigh-in but I know how weekends can be. I feel great, the belly and love handles are disappearing, and I’m feeling confident with what I’m doing. Now that I’m in the 230s I’ve found the motivation I needed to keep going.

Here’s hoping everything goes well this weekend 🙂

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