Weight Loss: Not a Guy Thing?

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When it comes to getting recognition or praise from peers, weight loss is definitely not a guy thing. Here’s why I say that.

We had a meeting at work yesterday and while we were all in line for 500-calorie breakfast bagels, I heard somebody compliment one of the girls on her recent weight loss (Note: I had a bagel and ate my fruit cup for lunch instead of the Lean Cuisine pizza I had packed.) Coincidentally, the meeting was about our benefits package that includes a new wellness and fitness program.

And they’re feeding us bagels and cream cheese?

Ah, but I digress. The girl was beaming with delight and, frankly, a bit snotty about dropping some weight. Maybe it was the way another was ingratiating her about it. Keep in mind that the poor little thing was probably a Size 4 to begin with and now she’s down to, well, Size Subatomic Particle.

Then just before the meeting began, I heard another two women sitting beside me chatting about how a former employee lost about 40 lbs. on—get ready for it—the Weight Watchers Points Program.

“She looks so good!” one of them exclaimed. I leaned over and added my piece since, well, it’s working for me, too.

“Oh, I’m doing the Points Program, too,” I said with a smile. The woman nodded without acknowledging my drop in tonnage and continued the conversation with the other. And it’s not like our company is so big that these two women didn’t know who the hell I was. My God, I used to work in their department.

So..ahem. Yo, almost 62 lbs. lost here! What’s not to notice? My Fat Guy Pants are all gone! I’m into Size XL shirts now! And only one person at work—male, coincidentally, who is also on a weight loss plan—has spoken up about it?

It seems to me that unless a guy drops a ridiculous amount weight and goes from being his incognito fat self to a ripped Calvin Klein model, nobody seems to care about his achievement. But when a woman loses, oh, six ounces of water then it’s time to buy a new wardrobe, put her on a pedestal and throw her a damned party.


It’s not like I go out begging people to give me props but damn, is the world that freaking jealous of what I’ve accomplished? Or am I just looking for recognition in the wrong places (around people I see every day)?

But you know, it’s this kind of thing that motivates me to do more and get it done right. And we’ll see who’s talking when I reach 200 lbs.—or less.

Oh, who am I fooling with that statement? They’ll probably ask if I got a haircut or something.

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