A Victory of Sorts

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I’m not ready to call this one a Victory because, well, Ann might get mad. Not only that, but one will cost me a few bucks to rectify.

But the fact is that my wedding ring no longer fits as snug as it used to. While it’s easy to say, “Hey, just get the thing re-sized and you’ll be fine” it’s not that easy. It’s made of titanium, not gold (as Au makes me break out in a nasty rash). It cannot be re-sized so chances are I will need to get a new one.

Also, the bands on my two favorite watches need to have a link taken out as they are now flailing around my wrist. This one, however, can be fixed at the jeweler free of charge.

So while I’m happy about the progress I’m making, I’m having to replace and/or fix things I really wish I didn’t.

At least the wedding ring 🙂

Weekly Weigh-In #7 is tomorrow and I’m hoping for some good news. I think there will be, so stay tuned!

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