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I’m trying to think of the right words here.

Annoyed? Probably. Disappointed? Most assuredly.

P***ed off? Oh, definitely.

It seems I’ve reached a wall that I haven’t been able to climb over yet, and that would be the 230 lb. mark. Granted the trip to Las Vegas didn’t help matters but that’s been nearly a week. I guess what it equates to is me working hard and in my mind not seeing results, when I have actually been working to lose those pounds I gained while away for a few days. So in a cosmic sort of way things are working out fine, but it doesn’t seem like they are.

Then there’s today when a group of us are going to lunch and then Ann and I are going on a date. (Yes, married couples can still do that!) I’m hoping to keep my eating under control in both instances and wake up feeling a bit lighter, even if both occasions will cut into my exercising (lunchtime walk and nightly sit-ups, respectively).

Additionally, this Sunday we will be celebrating Mother’s Day a week late because of our trip last weekend. There will be more food for that event. This is going to be a fun few days.

And I’ve also noticed that I have not been stating a goal weight in my Weekly Weigh-Ins which had become part of those posts. Those are what generally keep me motivated and the lack of one has taken a psychological toll. So allow me to do it now.

By the next weigh-in, I will be at 230.5 lbs. That’s not exactly cracking the 230 lbs. mark but it’s pretty close (and it’s 2 lbs. lost for the week). I will also find ways to keep myself busy this weekend so that it will count as exercising, and will continue to do the Ab-Lounge thing.

We’ll see how things are by next Tuesday, when I’m hoping for some good results.


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