New Excel Chart in the Works

2008/05/21 at 9:41 pm | Posted in Food, Health, Life, lifestyle change, Victory, weight loss, weight watchers | Comments Off on New Excel Chart in the Works
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First, I’m feelin’ good about this week. I had a 6″ Subway Veggie Delight for dinner and feel completely satisfied. Very happy.

Second, it appears that my Weight Watchers Points Excel chart is turning out to be a big hit with readers. (WordPress allows me to see which links readers have licked on and the Excel chart has gotten quite a few downloads.) Taking that into consideration I’ve taken it upon myself to update the Excel chart to include a few new goodies, and I think you all will like it.

I’m doing some tweaking and testing to make sure everything is working properly (as I am not The World’s Best Excel Formula Dude). And as usual, it will be completely editable by you.

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Oh, and few more Victories. A neighbor and a few co-workers have inquired about my weight loss by telling me my face is starting to look thinner. I don’t expect it to grace the cover of any magazines soon, but I have to agree with them after looking at some of my old photos.

Gotta exercise. Stay focused, people!

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