Weekly Weigh-In #10

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  • Weekly Weigh-In #10: 230.7 lbs.
  • Last week’s weight: 233.0 lbs.
  • Gain/loss of: -2.3 lbs.
  • Weekly average lost: 2.3 lbs.

Despite a Memorial Day filled with eating, I kept all in moderation and stayed focused. In addition to eating right in terms of both food and quantity, I stayed active.

You see, we bought a new washer and dryer set and barbecue on Saturday, rented a truck from Big Box Home Improvement Store, hauled them home and with the help of my father-in-law, unloaded them, removed the old units, and replaced them all. There wasn’t much time to think about eating during those times so I took advantage of it and savored the moments knowing that they would only help me lose weight.

And you see the results: 2.3 lbs. dropped this week for a Weigh-In of 230.7 lbs. The 220s are definitely in sight!

Today’s walk was cut short to one mile as my left knee and back are a bit sore. It started last week when our cat Ozzie decided he’d start sleeping on top of me after months of not doing so. As such, my sleep movement is restricted (as I tend to be a restless sleeper). That fuzzy little guy needs to find another bed…

The Weight Watchers Points Excel Chart is still being worked on as of now. It’s almost done–promise!

Ah, and now onto some critiques about Wii Fit. It’s a long piece so I’ll add a break here…

The Wii Fit is turning out to be a fun purchase despite the naysayers and parents who get offended when it calls their snowflakes fat. But even with the fun factor, I’ve learned a few things (the first two being from a previous post):

  • If you have carpeting, place a piece of wood underneath for an accurate weight measurement. At first I weighed 146 (!) lbs. but after placing a piece of wood under the platform, my weight was correct. The little extensions that come with the unit are supposed to be designed to make up for having a thick carpet but are pretty much useless in that respect. I suppose that you could, however, use them to make the board higher (when placed on a piece of wood) for the step aerobic routine.
  • The Weight Loss Goal only goes up to 22 lbs. so if you plan to lose more, you’ll have to start at 22 lbs. and once you reach that, start again with the remainder. In my case, it’ll be 22 lbs. plus another 10+ lbs.
  • The “Total Playing Time” on the Wii Home Page for Wii Fit is not the same as the total amount of time spent exercising. For example, I exercised for an hour last night but my Total Playing Time was nearly 2 hours. Think of it as a(n American) football game: it may take hours for only a small amount of action. The rest of the time is spent on taking pee breaks, catching your breath, choosing the next workout, etc. So if you plan to workout for 30 minutes, make sure you have at least a solid hour.
  • I’d recommend wearing socks while using Wii Fit. I wore flip-flops all weekend and if I hadn’t worn socks, I can imagine what the board would have looked like.
  • Even if you have carpeting, I’d recommend wearing running shoes for the jogging routine, especially if one is on the large side. With this workout I had a tendency to land on the balls of my feet which is not the norm if you are running (in which case your feet would land heel-toe). It became rather uncomfortable after a few tries.

That’s about all I have so far. But here’s the real question: is it fun?

Yes, it is most definitely fun. Just about all of the aerobics workouts are worthy of a drop of sweat, the yoga poses are challenging, and the strength workouts can be tiring. In fact this week, in exchange for my nightly sit-ups, I will be using Wii Fit for at least 45 minutes. I want to see if the results are any different and naturally, I’ll post my thoughts here.

See you later, and have a great week!

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