Milestone #10

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I got on the scale today and realized something: I had finally reached the 220s!

This morning I weighed in at 229.5 lbs. and that makes me very happy.

Could those late nights of playing Wii Fit for 30+ minutes have something to do with it? It’s possible because Lord knows I’m sweating like Louis Armstrong by the time I’m done “jogging” for 15 minutes.

We’re heading to the park tonight for a picnic so chances are I’ll be running around with The Kid quite a bit. That will be tonight’s exercises; I will take a break from my standard evening routine. I’ve earned it.

I’ve made it this far with only 29.5 lbs. go to and lots of time to get there. I hope you’re on-target with your goal as well 🙂


  1. Congrats!! What is Wii Fit? Hmm I guess I should google it eh? Ok, off I go…

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  2. Way to go you!

    I’m at 11.5 lbs lost. Memorial Day weekend sucked – but I managed to take off what I put on by Wednesday, and an additional pound to boot! I don’t have an end date, but I expect a good year to get to where I’d like to be.

  3. @ Kimberly: 11.5 lbs. is cause enough for celebration! At one point I thought I was stuck at–yeesh–250 lbs. but I’ve proven myself wrong time and time again. A few days of straying won’t kill you; just get back on the horse afterwards!

    @ iwilltransform: Everything you know about Wii Fit is here. It’s still a bit controversial since it is, well, a video game and not the real thing. Either way, I’m enjoying it and sweating like mad doing it. I wish you luck in your quest and I hope you checked out what I’ve done here so far. At this point, I’m down almost 70 lbs. with another 30 to go! I will add you to my blog subscriptions and maybe you’ll do the same. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Dave: thanks for the link; very informative and interesting. Yes I did get distracted by other things last time I was here and never ended up looking it up on my own. Sweating like mad?? Really?? Hmm

    Your documented weight loss here is very inspiring -just what I need!!

    Yes feel free to add me to your subscriptions and I will do the same as soon as I figure out HOW. hahaha. Yes pathetic I know, what are you going to do -I am a newbie at this.

    Take care for now, keep at it!!

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