Losing It the Wrong Way

2008/06/08 at 8:14 am | Posted in Health, Life, lifestyle change, weight loss, weight watchers | 2 Comments
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Since last Tuesday evening, I’ve been battling what I believe to be a case of gastroenteritis. The last time I had something like this was shortly after I attended our company’s Christmas party in 2006, where my doctor believed I contracted a virus from the food we had that night.

As a result, and not to get into details, I pretty much can’t keep food in me and constantly need to be hydrated. I have also not exercised since I contracted this and won’t until I feel better. But it’s not like I feel entirely bad; I just don’t want to eat anything and have ill side-effects soon afterwards.

Even though weight has been coming off, it hasn’t been a lot of fun losing it this way.

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  1. Ugh…that does suck. Feel better.

  2. Hey, thanks. I’m feeling better now after, oh, a week of this. Back to business tomorrow!

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