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Today’s post has much to do with my soon-to-be-frequent reviews of South Beach Living products and less about my usual topic of weight loss.

For all those concerned about the future of this blog, allow me to clarify a few things.

With the exception of more frequent product reviews, I can assure you nothing will change. You won’t see my blog sponsored by Kraft Foods, South Beach Living products or any other brand name. As you know, I’m pleased to mention the name of any product I’ve used, whether it’s in a positive or negative light. That’s how things are in the world of blogging–it’s all about opinion, and the reviews of these products will be no different.

As far as the reviews of the South Beach Living products go, know that this was completely unplanned and unsolicited. While I had tried some of them in the past and did approve of them (save for that nasty sugar-free Jell-O that comes standard with the wraps), I had no idea that I would be approached via e-mail by a representative at Kraft Foods’ public relations firm, Weber Shandwick, to sample new products and write reviews about them. This comes totally out of the blue and believe me, I’m about as shocked as you are.

But there are a few reasons I decided to delve into this.

As a former magazine writer, I live for the opportunity to express my thoughts. Anybody that writes a blog must have some desire to write in them (note: I have two blogs). While I worked for the magazine I had the opportunity to attend many promotional events in order to digest the information given to me, write an article based on said information, and have it published so our readers could make an informed decision on products or services that might appeal to them.

I see this as being no different. By allowing me to sample new products free of charge, I can then give you, my loyal readers, the lowdown on each of them and allow you to decide on whether you want to give them a shot or not. You might even learn a little bit about my taste in foods, like the fact that I can’t stand mushrooms or olives. Any product containing either will automatically lose a star in my book.

Some might see this as a conflict of interest since I am following the Weight Watchers Points Program and consuming South Beach Living products. I don’t. Remember that Weight Watchers allows you to eat anything as long as its in controlled portions. South Beach Living products fit perfectly because of their high fiber content, which means that they will be low in Points. Also note that I am not a paid spokesperson for Weight Watchers; I only mention them since I am following their program.

I hope all of this makes sense. Thanks for reading this far and following my progress over the past few months. The products should be arriving at my door on Friday and I’m excited about this opportunity.

And, at long last, I’m slowly chipping away at the 220s! In fact, here’s some notes on today.

As is the case on every second Tuesday of the month, it was Bagel Day at work. But rather than have one for breakfast I opted for my usual bowl of cereal at home, taking a bagel to my desk so that I could have it for lunch. Talk about temptation–a cheesy bagel sitting your desk just waiting to be eaten…

But I resisted. I had a cup of fruit–watermelon, pineapple and grapes–for one snack, the bagel for lunch, a granola bar for another snack and a (homemade) tuna salad sandwich for dinner. So despite it being Bagel Day, I think I did alright.

Whew, I think that’s enough for tonight. Here’s looking forward to Father’s Day when I dig into my homemade barbecued hamburger(s) 🙂

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