A Weigh-In Do-Over

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I’ve been going over the results of last Tuesday’s Weekly Weigh-In, #12 by my count, and have come to a conclusion: it was a fluke and I need a do-over.

It’s not that I’m having a horrible week, no. I’m doing as good or better as I usually do, but the weight is not dropping. If anything, I’ve gained a pound or so back. This could be due in part to my lack of exercising, a habit which I need to return to ASAP.

But the main reason I’m asking for a do-over is because of my illness last week. Sure, I ate as normal but found myself running to the bathroom so often that I needed to hydrate myself constantly. And being that sudden movements might have caused an embarrassing situation, I failed to exercise as well. (That changes tonight when it’s back to the Wii Fit.)

All things considered, it would seem downright silly to accept last Tuesday’s weight-in results as being valid when my focus should have been on rehabilitating and not losing weight. My weight loss for that week was something I should not have been proud of.

So for Weekly Weigh-In #13 on June 17, the Previous Weigh-In weight will be #11’s results of 228.9 lbs. and not #12’s results of 224.3 lbs. That will clean the slate and allow me to make a fresh, healthier start.

On the plus side, we will be going to the swap meet on Saturday. This will allow me to get in a nice, long walk on a weekend, which seems to be a rarity. I took my handheld GPS unit on one occasion and it measured that I had walked at least 1.5 miles, so I’m looking forward to exercising while shopping and people watching…and getting a really big cup of fresh-squeezed lemonade 🙂

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