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Ah, here’s another one of those South Beach Living product reviews! Today’s is about the Dark Chocolate Vanilla Marble flavor, seen here (click to enlarge; I know about the crumbs and whatnot on the countertop):

A good source of fiber? In a pudding? Is that even possible? Let’s flip it over (click to enlarge):

Well, I guess it is. So taking that into consideration, will this pudding pass the test? Before we find out, allow me to make a disclaimer here.

I’m from the Old Del Monte Pudding School. You know, the stuff that came in small tin cans and six per package? Yeah, that’s me. And it’s my belief that since the conversion over to plastic cups, the taste of pre-packed pudding has definitely lacked the substance it once had. This is especially true when it comes to “diet” varieties which I find too runny and, quite honestly, avoid buying.

Also, I despise dark chocolate. I will not eat it in most cases. In fact, I believe that dark chocolate only exists to complement other things such as caramel (mmm…Chocolate Riesen…) or as a glaze on donuts.

But South Beach Living pudding changed my mind about all of that. This is some delicious dark chocolate, made even better when combined with vanilla pudding. It’s definitely not as runny as the standard diet pudding or regular for that matter thanks to the addition of 3g of fiber. I thoroughly enjoyed eating these cups and had a smile on my face the entire time as I felt I was more than cheating on my program.

But was I really? Here are the Weight Watchers numbers:

  • 60 calories, 1.5g fat, 3g fiber = 1 Weight Watchers Point

One Point. One lousy, stinking Point for such deliciousness should not be denied by anybody! While I wouldn’t recommend it, you could devour the whole pack for only 4 Points. And believe me, after the first cup I wanted to do just that.

Would I recommend: At one Point each, you bet I’d recommend these. In fact, stock up because once word of these gets around they might disappear fast. But if you stock up, you’re only contributing to the scarcity. So um…buy in moderation and leave some for everyone else to enjoy, okay?

Weekly Weigh-In #15 is tomorrow! Check back then and see how things went last week.

Stick with it, guys and gals. You can do it 🙂

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  1. You’re right. These are delicious! I just found them at my local $.99 store. 4 in a pack for just $.99. You can’t beat that! Great taste and great for the wallet too!

  2. .99 cents, eh? Sounds like I have to make a trip to my local store to see if they have any!

  3. These are AWESOME! And I used to buy 3 packs at a time. My local ACME has stopped carrying them, and I can’t find them anywhere…

    Where else can I get them? Or order online? If these are discontinued, I will be so sad…. So very sad….

    Dunno. I haven’t seen them since those were sent to me. Sorry!

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