Weekly Weigh-In #15

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Was this week really as tough as it felt? Let’s see the results:

  • Weekly Weigh-In #15: 218.8 lbs.
  • Last week’s weight: 221.8 lbs.
  • Gain/loss of: -3.0 lbs.
  • Weekly average lost: 2.3 lbs.

Victories and Milestones all around!

At today’s weight of 218.8 lbs., I have officially cracked the 210s. Happy? You bet. This was the one plateau that I thought would be insurmountable but here I am. It wasn’t so long ago when I felt stuck in the 230s but with a lot of hard work and proper diet, in a little over a month later I’m in the 210s.

The belt I bought not so long ago to replace my old Fat Guy Belt is up to its 8th notch. When I bought it I was on the 4th notch so there’s definitely some progress there. And being that there are holes all around the belt, it might be a while before I buy another one.

I actually fit into a size L shirt and shorts yesterday. Ann and Anthony went down to K-Mart and hit the clearance racks for some new clothes. Not only was I pleased at what they bought me, but I was also happy that it all fit! I’m slowly replacing my old wardrobe with new and smaller duds.

An updated progress photo will be coming soon since I bought Ann a nifty new digital camera over the weekend. If I can get her to take one I will post it later tonight. If not, I did my usual bathroom-mirror self-portrait shot earlier today.

As far as food goes, I continue to track my Points in the Excel chart which I have since placed on Ann’s outdated HP Jornada 520 handheld PC instead of my USB thumb drive. It’s ugly, old, slow and chunky, but it works great for this purpose as well as creating Word documents when I’m on the train to work.

Exercise: I continue to walk 1.5 miles a day and do between 30-45 minutes of Wii Fit each night. In fact, last night I achieved a score of 176% on the jogging exercise. My previous best was 101% but I put the Wiimote in my back pocket and it seemed to calculate everything better. (I usually hold it in my hand and pass everybody, end up with an uneven pace, etc.) Either way, my shirt is still fairly drenched by the time I’m done. Hydration! I needs it!

By the way, if you want to see my Mii show up on your Wii, my code is 6162 3298 6869 7586. Add me and I will add you!

That’s all for now. Stick with it, guys and gals. If I can, you can 🙂

UPDATED 10:37 p.m.: As promised, a new photo has been added to the Progress Photos page (scroll to bottom). So head on over there, or save time and see the new image here. Note my obligatory “look of concern” pose 🙂

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