Another Bagel Day at Work

2008/07/16 at 9:52 am | Posted in Discipline, Food, Health, Life, lifestyle change, Thoughts, weight loss, weight watchers | Comments Off on Another Bagel Day at Work
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…and I’m saying “no” to them. I decided that no matter how tempting or tasty, today was not the day to indulge in some bagel-y goodness.

I’m sticking to the food I brought today, all of which are (individually) less Points than a bagel with light cream cheese, which can run about 9 Points vs. the 6 Points in my Healthy Choice pizza. Besides, I figured that eating a bagel would be too much when I already had a pizza. That’s too much breadstuffs in one day for me.

And I need to lay off consuming diet sodas again, which I have been doing a bit more frequently lately. No, I’m not back to drinking six a day but I know I’m having too many. So shame on me; I gotta resist those, too.

It’s a nice day today so I’m looking forward to my walk in about 30 minutes. It should be good!

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