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See that? It’s another pile of Fat Guy Pants (and shorts) that range from size 40 to 46. I’m getting rid of them for obvious reasons and it feels really, really good!

The downside, of course, is getting more money to buy replacement clothes. But that can be arranged, can’t it 🙂

Check it out. Last night I whipped up a nice little burrito for dinner. I used a Mission 98% fat-free tortilla, fat-free beans (packed with fiber), Del Taco’s Del Scorcho salsa (which is fat-free) and low-fat cheese. No, it wasn’t as good as Del Taco’s Veggie Works burrito but it was tasty nonetheless. Easily less than 400 calories and very filling. I’d recommend building one for yourself real soon.

I get the feeling this Weekly Weigh-In is going to be good. Check back Tuesday and see what the results are. See you then!

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  1. Where can I buy “South Beach Living Pudding Cups”?? There doesn’t seem to be a market in my area that sells them. Can I buy them online??

  2. Good question. So far I haven’t had much success myself save for my local 99 Cents Only store. And because they are such a high-volume store, it’s sort of hit-and-miss. Good luck!

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