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The scale has two faces.

I say this for a reason. For as much happiness it has brought me since its purchase, there are times when it delivers just as much frustration, perhaps even more. This week is one of those times.

I’ve been preparing for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend by eating the right things and adhering strictly to my planned meals. I even drank what seemed like an ocean of water today in order to stay full.

So why is it that over the last few days, the scale has hated me so much? I’m exercising, eating right, sticking to the plan and *BOOM* it tells me I’ve gained 2 lbs. And I know I throw no reliance into Wii Fit’s so-called “scale,” but when I returned to my nightly exercises it showed I had dropped 5 lbs. Then over the last two days it’s jumped up 4 lbs.

What the heck is going on? My clothes all still fit and I don’t feel like I’ve gained an ounce. In fact, this is the thinnest I have felt since I started this program. (I can start to see and feel my ribcage.) I really don’t know what’s happening here but I know I don’t like it.

While what it tells me is nothing I want to hear, it gives me comfort knowing I’ve made this far. And just to ensure myself that I haven’t gained a whole lot back, I tried on a new pair of size 36 pants that Ann bought me today. I also tried on my old Fat Guy Pants.

The size 38 pants fit great. If anything, there’s a little bit of room around the waist so there’s a good chance that I might even be able to fit into size 36 before too long. That made me happy.

Then I tried on my size 48 Fat Guy Pants and just about fell backwards when I realized I could fit both of my legs into one pant leg. It’s true–I could. Sure, I had trouble getting both feet out the opening but the point is that I could literally fit two of me in a pair of pants that used to hold one of me.

And that made my night a little bit better.

Well, I’m off to exercise. Wii Fit is on the slate along with some weight training, which I haven’t done in many moons. We’ll see what the results are on Tuesday!

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  1. Hi Dave,

    My name is Alison, I used to be a Weight Watcher Leader. Like many people I fell out of it and I’m trying to get back in. Reading other people’s blogs help keep me focused. ANYWAY – I think I know the issue.

    32 oz of water weighs ALMOST 3 lbs on the scale!
    It takes 3 hours for liquid to leave your system.

    If you’ve really been drinking “oceans” of water (and right before weighing in) – it makes sense you would have “gained”.

    Keep in mind with WW that everything is about consistency. I had members once who “gained” about a pound or so in the winter when they started wearing warmer clothing, LOL.

    Drink how you ALWAYS drink before a weigh in and try to wear the same types of clothing.

    Good luck!!

  2. Alison, thanks for stopping by with the info! That makes me feel so much better now that I can pinpoint a cause of the gain and know what not to do next time 🙂

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