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It’s time to bid a fond farewell to yet another t-shirt size that has dominate my life over the years: XL.

Yes, like the 2XL size before it and my size 40-48 pants, the XL shirt has finally gone the way of the dinosaur. Ann picked up at least three L shirts for me the other day and I’m happy to report that all of them fit and fit well. I’m sure they might be a bit snug once they are washed but for now, I’m reveling in my victory!

On the progress front, I seem to have hit a dormant phase but that’s okay because I think I know the reason why: my quest to drop those last few pesky pounds by my vacation in October is starting to take its toll.

It seems to me that this same thing happened the last time I put a strict limit on things, back when I was still averaging 3 lbs. lost per week. By that account, I should have been at my goal by July 29th, but here I am and I’m still not there yet. Even before July 29th rolled around I noticed that things weren’t going as smoothly and I blamed that on my expedited deadline, not my original one of February 14, 2009. So I scratched it off my calendar and forgot about it.

Miraculously, I began to lose more weight. Go figure.

It’s taken me well over 2 years to drop the 90+ lbs. I have, so it seems silly to push deadlines in order to reach my goal earlier than anticipated. I’ve learned that the only thing it leads to is overeating, disappointment in your progress, and falling into old habits.

While I’d love to lose these last 6 lbs. before October 7th or so, I’m going to forget about that date and keep on doing what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years.

I’ll post what happened between now and the next Weekly Weigh-In. It should be interesting!

As far as exercising goes, last night I was just dead tired and failed to do my nightly Wii Fit. I went to bed at 10 p.m., the earliest I’ve gone to bed in what seems like an eternity.

Sometimes you just have to.

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  1. u r so fat… that says your pants 40-48……..

  2. Wow, what insightful individual you are, Web Lover! Did you come up with that one all by yourself or did Mommy go down to the basement and help you after she washed your Garanimals and Underoos? Perhaps if you took the time to actually read my post and not be more concerned with plugging a bogus site (of which the URL I deleted), you’d see that my pants used to be size 40 thru 48. I am now wearing 38 and on my way to 36. Am I skinny? No, not yet. Am I healthy? Completely. Have I set a goal and making my way there? Absolutely. So troll all you want; you won’t get far with me. The next time you set a goal and reach it, and I don’t mean becoming a Dungeon Master, let me know.

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