Slowly Returning

2008/09/18 at 11:41 am | Posted in Exercise, Health, Life, lifestyle change, weight loss, weight watchers, wii fit | 2 Comments
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With my cold kind of disappearing, I’m slowly getting back into the groove of things.

Yesterday I returned to walking during lunch but only a portion of the distance. I just don’t feel well enough to go all the way and my pace is considerably slower than usual. Additionally, save for my daily Body Test, my Wii Fit has gone unused since I came down with this cold or whatever it is.

But I am hungry beyond belief and responding to that call, so I wouldn’t be surprised if next week’s Weigh-In shows some gain. Then again, it could completely fool me and show a significant loss.

Either way, I should stay focused on getting better and not reaching my goal right now.

Here’s to getting better–and soon.

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  1. Hey, I know how hard it can be when getting sick keeps you from your routine and the things you like to do. One way to tackle it is to set a date by which you will be back to your regular routine. Then, you can work up to it (vs. trying to do everything after some time not doing anything which can be very challenging).

    All the best,

  2. Hey, Juliet. Thanks for the info. I think I’ll do just that as I’m doing fine for now but will take the night off and pick up tomorrow. I didn’t exercise/walk most of last week and obviously didn’t lose much. Oh well. Thanks again!

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