A New Week Begins

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I have to admit that it was a pretty lame seven days last week but I’m more than prepared to make up for it beginning today. I feel fantastic and energetic enough to follow through on everything I missed out on last week when a cold cut into my regular activities.

I started by going for my lunchtime walk and stopping by Subway for lunch, where I bought a footlong Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich. I originally wanted the Veggie Delite but this fills me up better.

And while I love that sandwich, the cost was over $9 with a drink! Seriously man, that ain’t cheap! But then again I figure that the drink will last me the rest of the day and because I only eat half of the sandwich, I’ll save the other half lunch for tomorrow. So hey, $5 for lunch over two days isn’t all that bad.

I think I’m also going to switch to sit-ups again rather than Wii Fit. My knees, despite having less pressure on them than I did when I was the size of a Yugo, have been aching slightly as of late. Perhaps it can be attributed to being under the weather because that’s when it really hit me. Now they seem fine but the week I was sick they were really achy, so tonight I won’t put them through the rigors of, if you can call them that, Wii Fit. Besides, I really need a change.

Well, tomorrow is Weekly Weigh-In #27. I wish I could say I’m excited about it but all things considered, I’m not expecting any earth-shattering results. Then again, I could completely surprise myself. All I know is I’m feeling nothing like I felt last week, which means this week is going to be good. I might even reach my goal if I play my cards right!

See you tomorrow!

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