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First, once again let me apologize all around for the lack of posts. But I think you all knew that…! Anyway, here we go.

Yesterday Ann and I had the pleasure of attending two children’s birthday parties: one at Chuck E. Cheese’s and the other at the home of our son’s friend. Needless to say it was a say of eating, but one in which I didn’t really sit down to enjoy any sort of meal. I simply grazed on the food that was there, chased the kids around, snacked again, chased the kids again, etc. It was a tiring day for sure.

But one of the best parts of both parties was when I was approached by a few residents/parents that complimented me on my weight loss. While one jokingly told me to stop since I was getting so skinny, the other two were more interested in how much I had lost and how I did it.

“Nearly 100 lbs. on Weight Watchers,” was my reply to both.

Well, it was “only” 98 lbs. to be exact but who’s counting, right?

I then went into short detail about how simple the program is but, as may be the case with many weight loss programs, how difficult it can be to stick to it. Both of them had stories of people they knew: one successful and one that was just the opposite. I told them that I knew exactly how hard it was to stick to it or any other program, but it is possible. By then it was time to go and see what all of the kids were up to again, presumably no good!

Guys and gals, as someone that used to weight nearly 300 lbs. and wear size 48 pants (now 200 lbs. and almost size 36), I’d be lying if I said that I don’t like having my ego stroked now and then about my weight loss. Never at any point in my life have I felt more confident of received as many flattering comments as I have once I lost all the weight. And if you’re in the same boat I was, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind it, either.

So as you go through your weight loss routine by eating the right foods, sweating away on the treadmill or doing whatever it is you do for your daily exercise, know that there will be a reward for you at the end of your journey: lots of accolades.

And believe me, you will enjoy them!


  1. Congratulations on achieving your weight-loss goal 🙂 How are you going to proceed now though? Are you going to keep-on counting points (or are there other kind of WW plans?), and will you have to keep buying WW products – if you’ve been doing that so far?


    Hi Barbz and thanks! I’m still counting Points albeit without the use of my Excel chart, which I used daily before meeting my goal. Since I had been on the program for so long I have a pretty good gauge of the Points value in everything I eat. If not, I’ll read the nutritional info and calculate it. (Note that I still avoid the same food as before.) I also eat a good portion of the food mentioned here: Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, and a few items from Trader Joe’s that are low in fat and calories yet high in fiber, which seems to be the most effective formula in this program. As far as my weight goes, I’ve drifted between 199.4 and 202 lbs. since reaching my goal; I refuse to let myself go beyond 202. Other than that, things are going fine. In fact, yours is the second comment today regarding my current status so I think I’ll have to upload a more current picture 🙂 Thanks again for the kind words!

  2. I want to encourage you and pick your brain a bit! You have done great!!! I too am doing the WW program and have lost 50 pounds and am teetering around 196-198 and I am stuck!! I think that after I started getting all the comments about how great I looked (which I just love to hear!!) I seemed to have stopped. I still go to meetings, lost interest I guess in tracking and feel like I have kind of given up! Do you feel like that? What do you do to keep going??
    Keep up the great work!!

    Thanks for the words! I appreciate them very much. And congrats on your progress as well. It’s nice to hear somebody else have such success with WW! As far as I go, I never attended any meetings. I did it all on my own by following the program after my wife met her goal doing it online. As of now I’ve stopped only because I’ve reached my goal. I haven’t gotten lazy; I’m just relaxing after over 2 years of conditioning myself to eat right and exercise. I no longer keep track of Points on my Excel chart as I’ve gotten quite good at estimating values for just about anything. My next goal is to reach 190 lbs. but that will happen after the New Year rolls around. Believe me, I know what it’s like to feel stuck–I felt stuck a few times in the 230s and 210s but I never once thought about giving up. I just pushed myself and eventually broke free. And the one thing I did was set my goal to 190 lbs. instead of 200 lbs. so that reaching 200 would seem easier. That week I lost more than I ever had! What keeps me going? The fact that I got this far and simply refuse to ever go back. I still eat in moderation, do my walking, and remind myself of where I started by looking at my progress pictures. That seems to work for me. I’m sure you will find something that will motivate you as well. Thanks again for stopping by and for the comments!

  3. You deserve to have your ego stroked. You accomplished something very hard.. others want to learn from you!! congrats again!

    Thanks, Juliet. It was a lot of hard work indeed and being commended now and then is definitely something I savor 🙂

  4. That is motivating. I know you don’t depend on those compliment, but they are nice, and why not enjoy.

    Because I’m so not used to getting them, believe me, I revel in them when I can 🙂

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