Surviving the Holidays

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So, did everyone survive Thanksgiving relatively unscathed? Well I survived but not very successfully.

Keep in mind that because we were off on Thursday and Friday, last week was a short week for us. That alone cut into two days of lunchtime walking and since our department gathered on Wednesday for a potluck, there went a third. So I chose to take Monday and Tuesday off from walking, meaning I didn’t go at all last week.

Then Thankgiving and all its magnificent turkey-ish splendor rolls into town. I enjoyed myself as if this were my last meal. In fact I enjoyed the meal a but too much.

And what a lethal combination no walking and overeating turned out to be.

Suffice it to say, I gained some weight but not enough to make me feel like I failed miserably. And I’m sure I speak for the many folks that stepped onto their scales today and said, “Oh boy…”

No, I’m not going rush out and join a gym as a result of my gain. There won’t be any of that. It’s business as usual here at 200by40, and today I took the first steps–literally and figuratively–towards dropping those pounds: I started up my daily walk and did a solid hour of Wii Fit.

I’ve set no target date as I have already met my goal. This is just some poundage gained after a 4-day weekend and can be easily lost without much effort.

If you did gain some weight this Thanksgiving, whatever you do, don’t wallow in it. That’s the worst thing you can do.

Instead, grab the bull by the horns and go for it! Remember to stay focused and never lose sight of your goal, nor give in to temptation.

And forget all about those empty New Year’s resolutions; start your plan to change your lifestyle now and get into eating right as the New Year rolls around.

Now get busy. You We can do it!

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