Hi All!

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Hey, remember me? Yeah, it’s that guy that used to post here quite frequently when he was losing all that weight. In case you’ve forgotten, my name is Dave. Nice to make your acquaintence again 🙂

At any rate, this is just a quick “hello” to you all that have either a) checked back and wondered how things were progressing and b) have come here for the first time and were wondering why last post was almost a month ago.

To sum it up, everything’s fine. I’m maintaining my weight and feel fantastic. It’s been over 3 months since reaching my goal and I still fluctuate between 200 lbs. and 205 lbs. maximum. No big deal; I’ve sort of conditioned myself to make those extra pounds feel like the 97 lbs.+ I lost total. In short, I refuse to go beyond that.

And just to show you that I’m holding up, here’s a picture of me while I was on vacation:


I took the family to Wrightwood, CA so we can all throw snowballs at each other. And boy, did we ever! Note that I am wearing a pretty big jacket so that may add a little poundage to the image, but you guys still aren’t getting a picture of me shirtless. Well, not until I lose those handles I’ve had all my life 😉

That’s all for now. I will be posting something shortly after my nightly Wii Fit routine. Thanks for checking back and see you later. And remember–stick with it and never give up! I’m proof of what you can do when you set your goal and go for it!

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