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Hooray for small victories!

We took a trip to Target tonight for some much needed eye drops. (My left eye has been very irritated and red lately; almost to the point of pinkeye.)

While there I decided to hit the clearance racks for some better-fitting clothes. It was on those racks that I found some Mossimo shorts marked down to the insane price of $6.24 (originally $24.99). The one problem: they were size 36.

Not wanting to pass up such a great deal for something I would definitely wear, I took the shorts into the dressing room to try them on–and they fit.

People, you don’t understand. I haven’t bern that size since my senior year of high school, well over 20 years ago. Although I’m struggling with getting down to 190 lbs., this accomplishment really motivates me to work harder.

Speaking of which, I also broke down and bought a Timex Ironman watch that monitors your heart rate, determines calories burned, etc. This works out really well on the treadmill, as does watching the all-new MLB Network channel to pass the time.

That’s all I have for now. I’m posting from my iPod Touch with the WordPress app so for the sake of putting less strain on my eyes, this is all you get for now 🙂

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