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<< BTW, this is NOT the best picture of me. My face looks…well, deformed or something.

This is a goodbye of sorts.

As you may well know, I started with the intent of tracking my weight loss progress as I tried to reach my goal of weighing 200 lbs. by my 40th birthday.

Today is February 14th, which is also happens to be my 40th birthday and, as you may also know, I reached my goal of 200 lbs. on September 27, 2008—way ahead of schedule.

I have decided that, while I have derived great pleasure in blogging about everything having to do with [my] weight loss, it’s time to put things into perspective and temporarily walk away from the blog.

While this may not be the final post here, it may well be the last one for a long time as I will now concentrate on training for the Disneyland 5k—my first one ever—taking place this September. In between now and then I will do a few 5k walks and, should I have a camera with me, I will post pictures of the events. And don’t worry—all posts will remain intact as will the domain, meaning anything you may have bookmarked will still be in the same place.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone who left comments, e-mailed me, or simply came by to visit (except for you spammers who try and get past Askimet’s death grip–you’re fools for trying!). I do find it a bit humbling and amazing that a normal guy like me would inspire many, many people to get motivated into losing weight. What started out as a simple goal turned out to be something life changing to those who recognized that it’s entirely possible to lose weight if they put their minds to it.

Before I sign off here, I would like to wish all of you good luck with your weight loss program. Regular visitors know that it wasn’t uncommon for me to say things like “You can do it!” or “Never give up!” in my posts. What many don’t realize is that those weren’t just words; I meant them from the bottom of my heart. If I can do this, I have no doubt that anybody can.

Why? Unlike those trying to push diet pills, I’ve been there. I can relate to and understand the struggles of weight loss and being overweight. I know what it’s like to wear size 48 pants, run out of breath when playing with my son, have clothes get smaller and smaller, be ridiculed about my size, be stared at when going to fast food joints, barely fit into the seats on the train, look in the mirror and not like what I see, be intimidated when entering a gym.

But I chose to change all that. I challenged myself to get busy and change my lifestyle and here it is, my 40th birthday and I weigh 197 lbs. I went from a sloth to someone who is going to run in a 5k. Think you can’t lose weight? I beg to differ. (By the way, at today’s weight I have finally reached the golden 100 lbs. lost level.)

While I could go on forever, I want to share with everybody some things I learned about weight loss since starting this blog. In no particular order, here is that list.

  • It’s not easy to lose weight, but it is possible.
  • Effective weight loss takes time.
  • Diets don’t work, only a change in lifestyle does.
  • Keeping it off is just as hard as losing it.
  • Reward yourself when you have reached milestones or personal goals.
  • Don’t let anything or anybody stop you.
  • You control the food, it does not control you.
  • Eat less, move more.
  • Know your BMR and understand how it works.
  • Take pictures of your progress. You won’t regret it.
  • Nobody is going to lose the weight for you.
  • Don’t be lazy. Stay as busy as possible.
  • Everything in moderation, especially treats and sweets.
  • You will have “those days”, so don’t let them get you down.
  • Regret nothing and make no excuses. If you fall off the horse, brush yourself off and get back on it.
  • Stay focused and never lose sight of your goal.
  • Find your motivation: a weight goal, your family, etc.
  • Don’t resort to pills, diet drinks or other so-called weight loss products, gastic bands or other forms of surgery for weight loss. This is your time to shine, and you can do it because you’re better than all those things.
  • Think of everyday tasks (laundry, yard work, etc.) as ways of burning calories, not chores.
  • Educate yourself on [proper] nutrition and know what you are putting into your body, your temple. It’s the only one you’ll ever have.
  • Don’t push yourself. Know when your body has had enough and needs to rest.
  • There are no shortcuts to losing weight—it’s all or nothing, so find that “on” switch and never look back.
  • Resist temptation, and finally…

I really mean the last one. Not once during my entire program did I ever stop and tell myself, “You can’t do this.” It was at those times when I got mad and worked even harder. Not once did I doubt myself–I simply refused to give up, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. (In fact, I may consider having the phrase tattooed on my arm somewhere as a reminder of what it took to get where I am today.)

And remember that before starting any weight loss plan, please consult your physician. It only makes sense.

By the way, I found the hamburger I will be eating on my birthday as I promised myself I would. It will not be from the place previously mentioned but instead I will go to Carl’s Jr. for a new item called The Big Carl and oh, it’s a beauty. I almost started drooling when I saw it the other day (when I ordered my usual Charbroiled BBQ Chicken sandwich, by the way–360 calories, 4.5g fat, 4g fiber).

Having practically abstained from eating hamburgers for almost 3 years, I’m not concerend with calories, fat, or anything else I usually take into consideration when eating. I think you’d agree that after losing 100 lbs. the right way, with no pills, no surgeries, no excuses and no regrets, it will be something I truly deserve.

At the top of this post you will find a picture of me, finally posing in my size 48 Fat Guy Pants. Guys and gals, I used to fit in those–seriously. I only kept them as a reminder of where I was and where I am now. I will never fit into them again!

Goodnight, and thanks for everything. Stay focused and never give up–NEVER.

Your friend,
Dave 🙂

Oh, and “(” from “(’s Weight Loss Story”? Please stop trying to spam my blog. Your site is a fake, losing that much weight is unhealthy, and you’re just an annoyance now. You’ve been blacklisted and all of your comments will be filtered as spam, and I don’t advertise any “weight loss” products such as yours here. So post real before and after pictures of youself, allow comments on your “blog” and then we’ll talk.

I also moderate all comments so please quit wasting your time. Thank you.


  1. Congrats on the 100lbs lost and for reaching your goal early. As of late hamburgers hurt my stomach, at least the cheep fast food joint ones. Fudruckers and homemade ones are usually good. There are a couple of great joints that just popped up around hear that I’ll have to check out once i reach my goal. My real reward will be a sweet (yet cheep) vacation. Getting close and changed location to Oceanside for better surf lessons, and a free hotel.

    Good luck on the 5k. I totally understand the break from blogging to actually get active. Just shoot me a comment the next time you post and update so i can read all about your 5k. Thanks again for the motivation and inspiration.

  2. Thanks. It’s the maintenance that will be the real fun part.

    I know what you mean about the burgers. I kept away from them for so long that they did a number on me as well. But once I met my goal I was more than ready for one-and a BIG one at that.

    Glad your vacation plan is coming together and I hope you have fun! You’ve earned it. You’ll definitely hear from me when things change but for now, the treadmill gets a little more attention than the blog. It just has to be that way for now if I want to ready myself for the 5k.

    I’m also glad you found inspiration by coming here. I was more than happy to provide it 🙂 I still can’t believe I used to fit in those pants. For real fun, see this picture I posted at my personal blog–it’s scary!

    Thanks again for all the input and kind words. They are greatly appreciated, and continued success on your program 🙂

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