One Year Later

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Can you believe it’s been one year since I met my weight loss goal? Then I suppose I should give an update on this anniversary date, no?

Okay, here we go. As of today I’m at 193 lbs., which isn’t still the 190 lbs. I had planned to be at by now. That doesn’t necessarily make me a failure as much as the inability to run the Disneyland 5k does but hey, I’ve kept the weight off and managed to lose a few more pounds in the process. To me, that defines success.

As far as an updated picture goes, yes, I have one of those, too:

2007-10-31 092

As was the case last year, we spent the day celebrating at Disneyland since we have Annual Passes. The only notable differences in my appearance besides weighing slightly less? I now have a goatee and yesterday, got my ears pierced. Yes, I did. Must be a Midlife Crisis thing 🙂

So there’s your anniversary update and as I’ve said many times over, if I can do this, I know that anybody can. All it takes is a commitment and the willingness to follow through with it.

Thanks, and I’ll post when anything changes—hopefully for the good!


  1. Wow! You still look great! And even better, and happy. That’s what counts. Still the most inspiring person i’ve ever known…via fitness blog if that counts. You really did permanently change your life, and your life style. It’s amazing. Good to hear from you, and even better to hear you’re doing so amazing.

    • Wow, I’m a bit embarrassed by all your flattery, but thank you 🙂 I’ve been keeping an eye on you as well and you’re doing fantastic, too. Don’t discount anything you’ve accomplished–keep it going and know you’re making a change for the better!

      I’ll post as necessary. Thanks again, and good to hear from you!

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