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Now that I consider myself more athletic than I ever have been in the past, I’ve been looking into handy products aimed at those who make exercising a daily part of their lives.

One of the more interesting and helpful ones I came across is RoadID. This bracelet – the Sport model is shown here – serves many purposes. (And yes, I realize “surgeries” is misspelled!)

First and foremost, it is just as its name implies: an ID bracelet that, should you become incapacitated during a strenuous activity like running or cycling, gives EMTs the vital information they need at a glance. RoadID gives you 5 lines of text to work with and as you are filling them in, even offers you suggestions as to what is useful information (name, year of birth, city, emergency contact) and what isn’t (ZIP code, driver’s license number).

The information you input is then is laser-etched onto a small plate that can be replaced at an additional charge should any of it change, you lose the original plate, if it becomes scratched, etc. The plate is then affixed to the model of your choice which, in the case of the Sport model, is held in place by an elastic band.

Secondly, wearing a RoadID frees you of the hassle of having to carry any other form of ID that might slip out of your pocket while you are out and about which is extremely useful.

Third, aren’t they just amazingly cool to look at? I love mine and wear it all the time even when I’m not out and about jogging, walking or cycling because you just never know what can happen. But if the Sport model isn’t your cup of tea, there are other styles available to you. In fact, here’s mine:


As you can see, my RoadID is slightly different than the example at the top of the page. That’s because I opted for the Interactive model which offers all of the same benefits of the regular models and more.

Should I ever need to use it, EMTs can call the number or visit the Web site on the ID, enter the serial number and PIN on the back of the ID, and get more information than can be crammed on the small plate such as allergies to medications, surgeries, etc. The information on the Interactive models can be updated as needed. The great thing is that if you opt for the Interactive model, the service is free for the first year and then $9.99/year after that. Not a bad deal.

I ordered mine back in December and as you can see, it seems to be holding up well with daily wear. My son, testing for his orange belt in Tae Kwon Do in a few days, has expressed an interest in getting once since I got mine so I ordered one for his birthday. As motivation for everything he loves, his is inscribed with the phrase “NEVER TRY – ONLY SUCCEED”.

If you are interested, use the code ThanksDavid4941548 at checkout to get $1 off your order. No, it’s not a lot a huge savings but for something that could potentially save your life, price shouldn’t be much of a consideration. And should you order one, read the e-mails you get from them afterward. They are fantastic.

Note that the coupon code is limited to the first 20 orders over the next 30 days so hop to it.

Okay, so it seems I’m back Smile I will have another cool product review or sorts tomorrow that, unlike RoadID, is completely free. Well, for the basic version at least. Either way, come back tomorrow to see what I have for you. I promise you that it will be worth it.

I will also have an update on how things have been for me as well as a few other items of interest. See you then!

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