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Since I first got my iPod touch, I was a fool for the Nike + app. Heck,if not for that, I would have never won that nifty iPod nano!

Then, for whatever reason, I just stopped using it. Maybe it’s because I stopped running in general since doing the treadmill thing night after night got quite boring (and I wasn’t quite ready to jog outside just yet).

Flash-forward to September 2010 and the release of the Nike + GPS app which did everything the original app did plus tracked your runs, let your Facebook friends cheer for you, etc. It was definitely a cool idea that did get me back on the treadmill but in order to get full use from the app, owning an iPhone was almost a requirement.

I don’t do iPhones. Too expensive.

So now we go to February 2011 when I bought my first smartphone, Virgin Mobile’s LG Optimus V which is downright incredible for the price (original MSRP of $149.99) and service ($25/month for 300 minutes and unlimited everything). I immediately downloaded the MyFitnessPal app since I knew it was going to be used most often and since I was now connected all the time, I could sync all of my data anywhere (unlike my iPod, where I have to be near a wi-fi connection).

I also started to search the Android Marketplace for more ideal fitness apps and while most were just okay, I came across one that looked interesting so I thought I’d give a shot: Endomondo Sports Tracker.

Despite it’s silly name, Endomondo is has become my new and most favorite fitness app. It’s basically like the Nike + GPS app but for Android devices and offers a wealth of cool features such as distance, average moving speed, average overall speed, and perhaps the most interesting (and maybe alarming if you like your privacy), live GPS tracking. Provided you want to, it will also post a link to your live progress on your Facebook Wall or Twitter account.

Whenever you track an activity, it is posted on the site and on your calendar with the appropriate icon. You can choose to keep your calendar private, public, or only visible to friends:

endomondo calendar

The gaps between workouts can be attributed to the unseasonably wet Spring we here in Southern California have been having. They put a damper on my activities which is why I’m now getting back into working out.

To give you an idea of what it does, here’s a screengrab of my run from tonight (click to enlarge):

endomondo jog 2

As you can see, it’s pretty thorough.The numbers you see on the track are mile markers and while not visible on this picture, it will also tell you your quickest and slowest lap on your device (represented by a turtle and rabbit icons…how cute…!).

Perhaps the best thing is that Endomondo isn’t limited to just running or walking. Here’s a screengrab of my test of the app which I did while riding my bike:

endomondo bike

As indicated on the Notes, I never reached the Max Speed of 35.1 MPH (see the Speed Graph) so that’s a sign that while neat and all, it’s not entirely without its faults. In fact, I had to re-start my run tonight after I realized that the clock was ticking but no distance or calories were being recorded.

However, even with its few faults, I’ve come to really dig Endomondo and use it for every run, walk, or bike ride I do.

Both the basic app and joining the online community are free. There is a Pro version of Endomondo but it doesn’t offer many more features than the free version so if you want to give it a shot, stick with the free one.

Well, these last few posts have been a little out of the ordinary for this blog but I figured I’d shake things up a bit for everybody, and hopefully give you guys some insight on products you might want to try out.

Stay motivated, everybody Smile

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