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2011/06/24 at 10:09 pm | Posted in Blog Stuffs, Discipline, Exercise, Health, Life | Comments Off on Updates and Stuff

Hello! I know it’s been some time but things have kept me busy lately. I truly apologize for not updating the blog during that time; honestly, it fell on the back burner. But that’s why I’m writing tonight.

First of all, I have renewed my domain name so that’s good news. The only thing is that when you type in www.200by40.com, it will redirect you to 200by40.wordpress.com instead. That’s because I didn’t renew my domain mapping through WordPress but that’s okay because it will still get you where you want to go. Not only that, any old links that were posted with www.200by40.com will still be there only without the domain. Not really an issue.

In addition to renewing that, I will also be taking some time to do a little housework around here so if you show up and things are a bit out of place, I again apologize. It might be that way for a bit until I decide on what to keep or which theme to stick with.

I will get back to posting within the week and if not about my personal weight, then perhaps about products that active people such as yourself might be interested in. See my reviews about:

Wait, you’re not active? That’s okay because I wasn’t at one point, either. But now I go crazy if I can’t exercise. Once it’s in you, it’s hard to shake it and if you’ve made it here, then chances are you want to make the change as well.

Hang in there. I have lots to do. Thanks again for stopping by!

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