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First, I want to say that I’m posting this as a way to take my mind off of a recent personal event. My cat Ozzie was euthanized yesterday and I’m still trying to move on from the shock of it all since we had him from the time he was a kitten and his illness truck him rather quickly. He was a great cat and the family will miss him.

As far as my weight goes, I’m still hovering around 205 with the chances of reaching my goal weight of 190 by September not looking very promising. I’ll try but honestly, I’m getting comfortable with where I’m at, even if it’s a little over the 200 lb. mark. Again, I’ll try but won’t be terribly disappointed if I don’t make it since I’m still happy to have reached the point I’m at now.

But regardless of what I weigh, whether I’m running or cycling or whatever, I’m staying busy and loving it. And just last Sunday, I did something different to shake up the routine instead of the regular ride to the beach and back (about 20 miles): I rode to the local park and ran 5k on the track and let me tell you, it felt great. I once rode there and walked 5k but never ran so this was definitely a challenge but in the end, it was fantastic and something I need to do again.

Speaking of staying busy, I’ve added a new column on the right side entitled Upcoming Events. It’s just a simple schedule of events that I have registered for and will be partaking in and includes links to the event’s site and registration page via Active.com.

So far, here’s what I’ll be doing:

Awaiting Registration/Considering:

I will keep adding to these and once the events are done, I will post comments and pictures if I have any. It should be a lot of fun and a way to remind readers that even though I’m active now, it doesn’t mean I always was.

Need some proof? How about this picture?

2001 - The Year I Ate Everything In Sight

Some scouring turned up this photo from 2001. Yeah, uh, that’s me in my Big Mac/3-item combo Chinese food days. Strangely I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my personal appearance or health and could very well still be this big – had I chosen to be.

But I didn’t. Here’s a more recent picture with my boy, enjoying the day at Disneyland:


I’d say there was a slight difference, no?

Remember, folks, it’s possible. You just have to want it bad enough and work hard to get it.

I may have a post for tomorrow as well so hang in there. Thanks again for reading and I hope you get motivated into doing some active events of your own 🙂

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