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twitter-logo-300x300I don’t know what took me so long to do this, but I decided to make a Twitter account for this blog. While I already have a personal account it tends to be for more personal stuff rather than information related to the content I create here. And since I figure none of my followers of my personal account would care to read my posts related to weight loss, this only seemed logical.

Not only that, since I find myself posting here with less frequency, a Twitter account seemed to make even more sense. It’s a quick way to get the word out about my thoughts on a story I saw online, foods I might be trying at the moment, a workout I just started (courtesy Endomondo), a quick photo, etc. In short, a more immediate way to communicate.

The account also gives you, the reader, a chance to send a quick message to me if you wish since I now have a smartphone and use the TweetCaster app to check for messages. Even more interactivity! I’ve even gone ahead and added a Twitter widget to the sidebar so you can see my most recent tweets. Neat-o.

But before we get started, I have a few rules in place which are listed below. Please read and understand them before proceeding any further.

On Following: I welcome anybody to follow me provided you are a genuine, real-life human being with interesting and topical things to say about weight loss. Whether you’ve met your goal or are just starting, I’d love to hear what you have to say so I can follow you in return. This also means that if you are not and are just using Twitter to spam the whole Twitterverse with links to bogus weight loss products or other half-baked snake oil weight loss schemes, you will be blocked and reported for spam. I will not argue with you; I’ll just block you. Remember that this blog is about how I lost weight the right way and not investing in fishy weight loss products because they simply do not work.

On Direct Messaging: You can also DM me if you wish and I’ll try my best to answer you or just say hello. But the same rule goes for DMs: spam me and I block you. Simple, huh?

With all that said, go ahead and follow @200by40 on Twitter and let the fun begin!


  1. I get a lot of spam on twitter, but with a name like “FitnessSurfer” it’m asking for it. I’m not on there very much, but maybe if i get rid of all the spammers it would be more useful. Thanks for the tip. – Krystal

    • I get much, much more on my personal account. I just figured now that I have a smartphone and whatnot, I might as well take advantage of all it offers. It’s nice because I now have my personal stuff isn’t mixed up with my weight loss stuff which was always a hassle. I’m following you now, BTW. Watch for my runs and rides — I broadcast them live via Endomondo 🙂

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