Clean Bottle – And Why You Want One (or Two)

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267651871f417586144cf20dabc10be5fe1ed81d_wmegI first heard of Clean Bottles about a year ago when Active Schwaggle was offering two of them for the amazingly low price of $10, which was pretty much buy one, get one free since they normally run $10 each.

For whatever reason, I didn’t take advantage of it and the offer was gone the next day. But the idea still intrigued me – and I still wanted one.

The next day I rushed out to Performance Bike and bought the one you see in the picture above. And after a ride down the San Gabriel River Trail to the beach, it’s anything but clean (on the outside, at least).

So what makes them different? Clean Bottles are unique in that they solve the issue many of us deal with: mold or other gunk collecting at the bottom of our water bottles no matter how many times we wash them. Sometimes the rest of that stupid [insert brand of preferred sports drink here] just won’t come out, you know? To combat this, Clean Bottles open at both ends which makes them much easier to clean and pretty much ensures that you will never have to deal with a moldy bottle ever again.

This was the epiphany that Dave, creator of Clean Bottle, had when he came up with the idea. And what an idea it was.

After a few trial runs, I was sold. I loved my first Clean Bottle so much that I went out a week later and bought another one, and I never go on my rides (or runs, for that matter) without them. But after only a few uses, the most recently purchased bottle started to leak like mad.

I reached out to Dave via Clean Bottle’s Facebook page and explained my situation. He got back to me right away and suggested that the washer may be wonky. He asked where the leak was and said he’d send me a replacement washer right away.

Within a few days the washer was in my mailbox. Excited, I popped the new washer in and filled it with water.

It still leaked. A bit disappointed, I once again contacted Dave and explained what happened.

Within a week, a brand-spanking-new Clean Bottle was stuffed in my mailbox. I’ve used it many a time without one single leak occurring so I take it my leaky bottle was just a fluke. Needless to say, I was absolutely floored to get such outstanding customer service in both cases that Clean Bottle has made a customer for life out of me.

And to think that this was well before Dave’s appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank which aired last Friday. (You can see the full episode here; Dave’s pitch is the first one.)


I won’t go into details about the episode but it’s definitely worth a watch. In fact, this was the first time I watched network TV in a long time since I pretty much don’t do it anymore (watch TV in general, that is). In the episode, you will see how Dave marketed his product at the Tour de France, which former NBA great was in the Bottle Boy costume on the show, and who was willing to give Dave the $65k he was seeking.

All I can say is that Clean Bottle has had one heck of a great thing going on even before the Shark Tank episode. And with two recently introduced products, there’s no place to go but up. Those two new items are definitely on my Wish List.

If this isn’t enough to convince you to run out and buy one (or two) then I don’t know what is. An innovative product line coupled with amazing customer service truly is a win-win. What’s more, Clean Bottle also donates 10% of their profits to eco-friendly charities.

So congrats to Dave and all at Clean Bottle for their successes and all of the new customers they gained after last Friday’s episode. They won’t be disappointed with their products.

I think I’ve said enough. Go and buy yours now!

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