Health Screening

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Last Saturday, I attended a free health screening at a new Memorial Healthcare facility in town. The exams consisted of blood pressure monitoring, glucose and cholesterol testing.

And being that it had been a long time since I had them done, Ann and I decided it would be wise to partake since we don’t have health insurance.


Yeah, that’s my finger having blood drawn from it. I asked the nurse if it would be okay to take a picture and she sort of gave me a funny look. I figured it would make for an interesting shot for this post.

After my blood was drawn I had to wait a few minutes for the results. Once they were in, the nurse called me over.

“We have some bad news,” he said, and right away I started to think that I had some ridiculous readings that were off the chart.

Such was not the case.

“There was some difficulty reading your sample so we’re going to have to do it again.”


So I went back and gave them my right middle finger (no, not the way it sounds) and they drew blood again. This time the results worked and were definitely in my favor.

  • Total cholesterol: 146 mg/dL which is well below what is considered desirable and puts me at less of a risk of getting coronary heart disease.
  • Glucose (non-fasting): 94 mg/dL, also perfectly acceptable and means I’m not diabetic.

This pretty much made my weekend and possibly my year. It’s good to know that I’m nowhere near the danger zone for either diabetes or heart disease, and that my current program of running, working out, and eating right are all contributing and making things better.

Not too shabby for a guy who will be 44 tomorrow 🙂

Oh, I also met Tim Conway, Jr. while I was at the event. Here’s proof!


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