2013 Chinatown Firecracker Bike Ride

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So how did my Saturday go, you ask?

I woke up at 4:30 am, took a shower, got dressed, had a little breakfast, put the bike on the bike rack, hopped on the train, got to Chinatown, rode my bike almost 30 miles…and by the time I got home, it was nearly 3 pm. I was exhausted.

Anyway, here’s the day in pictures since I’m pooped. I am having trouble uploading the video of me lighting the firecrackers but when I can do it, I will post it. I had a great time doing that and riding today.

UPDATE: The video is up! Scroll to bottom of post.


Union Station is incredibly awesome. So many movies, shows and commercials were filmed here.

Chinatown Firecracker Bike Ride 008


Chinatown Firecracker Bike Ride 007

Waiting for the event. I got there way early.

Chinatown Firecracker Bike Ride 009

My bike.

Chinatown Firecracker Bike Ride 020

Firefighter giving us tips on lighting. We had to wear helmets and goggles and when the firecrackers went off, even where we were standing, the debris was hitting us. We also had an option to wear earplugs which I did.

Chinatown Firecracker Bike Ride 027

Near the top of one of the many hills we had to climb. Believe me, this was just the beginning!

Chinatown Firecracker Bike Ride 029

Dodger Stadium, still looking as great as ever (even under construction).


Pit Stops were set up every 10 miles with goodies like this.

Chinatown Firecracker Bike Ride 035

Warner Bros. Studios Gate 2. I worked here when I was on The Whole Truth.

Chinatown Firecracker Bike Ride 038

Roy E. Disney Animation Building.

Chinatown Firecracker Bike Ride 039

Walt Disney Studios. I worked there when I was on No Ordinary Family.

Chinatown Firecracker Bike Ride 043

River sans bike trail. We rode along another river.

Chinatown Firecracker Bike Ride 049

With my medal. It was pretty small. Here’s a better view.


I don’t drink beer but I thought I’d try. And to this day, I don’t know what compels people to drink that garbage. It’s awful stuff (but was free to all riders after the tour).


Even got a free meal afterward. And Chinese food in Chinatown? Nothing compares.


All in all, it was a beautiful day and a great event with awesome volunteers. Thanks to all of them, the organizers, and to the LAPD for keeping traffic in check while we rode along.

And seeing Los Angeles and its surrounding areas by bike? It’s just amazing as the pictures show. Being on a bike gave me a better idea of how big Griffith Park really is since we rode through and around it at times. The first 5 miles of this course were uphill and hearing into Griffith Park — and they were killers! That’s why I was happy to see the two rest stops at Mile 10 and Mile 20. They provided much needed nourishment for the ride, a very demanding ride at that. Riders were treated to peanut butter, energy gels, trail mix, Gatorade, fruit, etc. and it was all we could consume.

The Chinatown Firecracker Bike Ride was one of the most fun, well-run events I’ve done. It’s very close to Long Beach in terms of organization, helpful volunteers, etc. And even with few street closures, I was amazed at how well-behaved L.A. drivers were that day. It just made the day that much more brighter.

If you’re interested in my stats, then here they are via Sports Tracker app.


UPDATE: Here’s the video!

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