Doing It Again

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Hey all, it’s me. Hope you’re doing well.

You may find this hard to believe but it’s been about 10 years since I met my goal of 200 lbs. by my 40th birthday. That also means that I’m now 49 and, unfortunately, I’ve made some bad choices.

I got on the scale a couple of Sundays ago and wasn’t happy with the result: 244.8 lbs., which is an average gain of a little under 5 pounds a year over 9 years. I believe on my last blog post I had stated that I was at 235 lbs. which wasn’t really good but not where I want to be, so 244.8 was a wake-up call.

But it’s not because I’ve become lazy. In fact here are a few pictures:


This was after the 20-mile Long Beach Marathon bike tour last October, my annual event. I ran the 5k on Saturday and rode the bike tour on Sunday. It’s a busy weekend for me.

More recently, here I am at the top of Mount Lee, aka the location of the Hollywood Sign (see the letters at the bottom of the picture). I hiked up there — something I’ve been wanting to do — on my 49th birthday in February of this year.


Don’t worry — I’ve since cut my hair.

So yes, I’m still active. I still partake in the company’s bikeshare program and still logging miles that way, plus walking/running on Saturday and riding on Sunday (no days off). The fact of the matter is I simply started eating more calories than I was burning and that’s not good.

All things considered, I’ve decided to challenge myself yet again.

As of this post, my 50th birthday is 10 months away and my goal is to get down to 200 lbs. by then, meaning a drop of 44 lbs. since I got on the scale and shook my head in disgust. Doing the math, that means an average loss of 1.1 lbs. per week from now until February 2019. It’s totally doable.

And you know what? I’ve already started. On April 10, I topped the scale at 244.8 lbs. Since I’m starting all over, I’d like to proclaim my next phase officially open with this:

Weekly Weigh-in for April 17, 2018: 241.4

In my first Weekly Weigh-in, that’s a drop of 3.4 lbs. last week. Don’t worry — I’m not starving myself in order to reach my goal, but I have made a few changes.

For breakfast, I’m avoiding two things I would normally have: cereal and bread. Since starting last week, my breakfasts have simply been a cooked egg and small glass of soy or almond milk, lately with a side of sausage for added protein.

Lunches at work have been either a salad with chicken or tuna salad. It’s been hard avoiding the convenience of frozen, processed foods that I’ve become so accustomed to throwing in my lunch bag but it’s change that needed to happen. Making your own meals is work, but it’s worth the effort.

I’m also tracking everything I eat in the MyFitnessPal app. Well, almost everything. I will track breakfast, lunch, and snacks all day and don’t really bother with dinner if I have a decent amount of calories remaining for the day (I’ve gotten pretty good at determining how many are in a given meal). And since I have it linked to my fitness app, calories from activities logged with Endomondo are deducted.

I’ve also gotten into the habit of drinking more water while at work using the Water Minder app. My goal is 100 oz. and I have reminders set throughout the day for when I should drink more. While I don’t always reach that goal, I’m pretty close most days.

Plus with the recent office remodel, I’ve gotten myself a Varidesk which means I can stand as long as I wish, which is better for blood circulation than sitting all day. It looks a little strange and I sometimes feel like a Pet Shop Boy standing there at the keyboard but it really is a break from the monotony of sitting all day.

Blogging about my journey last time was a big part of my success because it gave me the motivation to do better. For 200by40 I made a promise and kept it, and I’m doing it again.

50by50* has officially begun!

Thanks for reading. I’ll see you next week at my weigh-in!


*Although my goal is 44 lbs,. this is a much catchier moniker. But hey, 50 lbs. could happen…


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