Weekly Weigh-In, Week 6

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Folks, this one’s going to be pretty short as I’m feeling a little bit under the weather.

Weekly Weigh-In for May 22, 2018: 236.6 lbs.
Loss/Gain for the week: -0.6 lbs.
Total lost: 8.2 lbs.
Weekly average loss: 1.6 lbs.

At 236.6, I’m at my lowest point since starting, beating my previous low of 236.8. It’s coming along.

And a bonus: my pants are starting to get bigger. Always a good sign.

I was back at it this weekend by running 3 miles on Saturday and cycling 17 miles on Sunday so that definitely helped. This week’s lunchtime bike rides at work have been short since I’m not feeling well — to my car and back so that I can take a nap for a bit. Being sick is fun!

Also, I ate a Subway Veggie Delite for two days in a row. They were a staple when I lost 100 pounds because I would walk to my nearest location, get a footlong, and eat half one day and half the next. It just worked and I’m now making my own at home with French bread loaves from Sam’s Club.

Sorry for the short post but I think that’s all for now. Time to get some rest. Let’s see what happens next week!

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