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My last version of “Today’s Tip” dealt with the importance of physical activity and exercise which are absolutely essential when it comes to weight loss.

Today I’d like to touch upon another important aspect: sacrifice.

Losing weight the proper way—no surgeries or pills—absolutely demands sacrificing something. Well, you shouldn’t really look at it as being a sacrifice but more of a trade-off since the results will definitely be worth the effort.

What have I sacrificed, cut back on or given up altogether? Let’s see.

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More Clarification

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WordPress has all sorts of nice features, and one of them allows you to see which blogs or Web pages feature incoming links to yours.

And this is where I have a problem.

Quite frequently, some of my posts immediately show up in the “Incoming Links” section of WordPress. I was curious to see who was linking these as I figured maybe, just maybe, it was someone keeping track of their progress and using my posts as examples.

I was wrong.

It turns out that they are being linked to a site called “Weight Loss blog” (or I won’t give them the pleasure of adding a link). Whoever owns the so-called “blog” is extracting information from others—presumably automatically and without their permission—and using as that original content in order to sell diet pills at their online drug store ( And I’m not cool with that.

(Here a few examples, linked only because it’s my friggin’ content.)

So let me go on the record by stating the following:

This entry originally posted on 200by40 on July 21, 2008.

If you are reading this post on “Weight Loss blog” or any other site that steals original content in order to make their site look legit and peddle products, please know that I do not endorse these sites nor do I wish to have my posts linked to it. Unfortunately, I have little or no control over it, hence this statement. Note that I am losing weight without the use of pills or surgery, which is why my blog is essential—to show that it is possible to lose it without throwing money away on snake oil.

Posts you see from 200by40 that end up on “Weight Loss blog” and others like it are used without my permission or consent. Please refer back to 200by40 for the original post as well as my journal on how I am losing weight the right way—through a lifestyle change that involves proper diet and exercise, not a so-called miracle in a bottle.

There, I feel better now 🙂

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South Beach Living Pudding Cups

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Ah, here’s another one of those South Beach Living product reviews! Today’s is about the Dark Chocolate Vanilla Marble flavor, seen here (click to enlarge; I know about the crumbs and whatnot on the countertop):

A good source of fiber? In a pudding? Is that even possible? Let’s flip it over (click to enlarge):

Well, I guess it is. So taking that into consideration, will this pudding pass the test? Before we find out, allow me to make a disclaimer here.

I’m from the Old Del Monte Pudding School. You know, the stuff that came in small tin cans and six per package? Yeah, that’s me. And it’s my belief that since the conversion over to plastic cups, the taste of pre-packed pudding has definitely lacked the substance it once had. This is especially true when it comes to “diet” varieties which I find too runny and, quite honestly, avoid buying.

Also, I despise dark chocolate. I will not eat it in most cases. In fact, I believe that dark chocolate only exists to complement other things such as caramel (mmm…Chocolate Riesen…) or as a glaze on donuts.

But South Beach Living pudding changed my mind about all of that. This is some delicious dark chocolate, made even better when combined with vanilla pudding. It’s definitely not as runny as the standard diet pudding or regular for that matter thanks to the addition of 3g of fiber. I thoroughly enjoyed eating these cups and had a smile on my face the entire time as I felt I was more than cheating on my program.

But was I really? Here are the Weight Watchers numbers:

  • 60 calories, 1.5g fat, 3g fiber = 1 Weight Watchers Point

One Point. One lousy, stinking Point for such deliciousness should not be denied by anybody! While I wouldn’t recommend it, you could devour the whole pack for only 4 Points. And believe me, after the first cup I wanted to do just that.

Would I recommend: At one Point each, you bet I’d recommend these. In fact, stock up because once word of these gets around they might disappear fast. But if you stock up, you’re only contributing to the scarcity. So um…buy in moderation and leave some for everyone else to enjoy, okay?

Weekly Weigh-In #15 is tomorrow! Check back then and see how things went last week.

Stick with it, guys and gals. You can do it 🙂

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South Beach Ham & Swiss Hot Sandwich Melt

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Hey there, it’s time for yet another food review of a South Beach Living product. On the slate today is the Ham & Swiss Hot Sandwich Melt, seen here (click to enlarge):

Again, it’s lookin’ pretty tasty from my standpoint. And the fact that includes a packet of Grey Poupon automatically gives it an extra boost. I dig Grey Poupon (in conservative amounts, that is) and you can guess by its name, it also includes a slice of Swiss cheese. Mmmm. So far, so good.

Let’s take a look at the back (click to enlarge):

The tale of the Weight Watchers tape is as follows:

  • 320 calories, 11g fat, 8g fiber = 6 Weight Watchers Points

About my only gripe, if such a thing will matter in the world of off-the-shelf meals, is the same as usual: the high sodium content, which in this case is 950mg (or 40% RDA). Again, it’s for freshness and there’s not a lot you can do to avoid it.

Assembly of the sandwich is nothing unlike the Turkey Santa Fe: split the bread open, plop down the meat, dijon and cheese, place back into little tray and nuke for :45 seconds. (I learned from the first one that :30 seconds is not enough to make it very warm. Your microwave mileage may vary.)

Once warmed, however, it all came together to form a tasty l lunchtime meal that I truly enjoyed. Despite the Grey Poupon which can be overpowering even in small amounts, nothing was lost this time. The ample supply of sliced ham was delicious and the Swiss cheese and dijon mustard were the perfect complements. As with the Turkey Santa Fe, the bread was definitely wheaty yet tasty, and I noticed that after eating these sandwiches, my appetite was curbed for the remainder of the day. That’s a huge plus.

Would I recommend: If given the choice between this sandwich and the Turkey Santa Fe, I’d reach for this one without hestiation. The Ham & Swiss did not disappoint in the flavor category and held up nicely until dinner, so it’s got more than a few things going for it.

All in all I’d have to say this one is worth it. Thumbs up!

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South Beach Turkey Santa Fe Hot Sandwich Melt

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Here’s the first review of the South Beach Living products I was sent to sample.

As I had said in a previous post, I tried some of the South Beach wraps in the past and thought they were most excellent, save for the Jell-O. Will this one be any different? Let’s see.

The box front looks like this (click image to enlarge):

Just look at all that meat and cheese hanging from the edges of the sandwich. And that sauce. Man, that sure looks good, doesn’t it? (Note: my box shows damage from shipping.)

Nutritional information (click image to enlarge):

It reads as follows:

  • 350 calories, 15g fat, 8g fiber = 7 Weight Watchers Points

There’s a reasonable amount of calories and what seems to be a large dose of fat, but when said fat is combated with the 8g of fiber it brings the Points total down to that modest number of 7. That makes it right on par, perhaps a bit higher, than your standard dietetic frozen meals.

Upon opening the box you get everything you need (duh) to assemble the sandwich. While I was opening packages and putting things together, I sampled a piece of the turkey–and it was good.

But unfortunately, that’s where the turkey goodness ended. Once I had the sandwich assembled I nuked it for the recommended start time of :30 seconds. It was still a bit cold and it needed a little more cooking time; your mileage may vary with your microwave.

I had been excited to sink my teeth into these sandwiches from the day I was told I was getting free samples. My first bite left me not disappointed: the whole wheat bun was tasty and definitely wheaty; the southwestern style ranch dressing added just the right amount of flavor. But that’s about all I could taste.

By the second bite I realized that something was missing because somewhere in the sandwich was a slice of Monterey Jack cheese, which got lost somewhere in the shuffle of bun and ranch dressing goodness. I simply couldn’t taste it at all.

Then there’s the turkey. Good by itself; lacking when in the sandwich. It definitely needs some more flavor or just a pinch of salt (which you could add for yourself but will alter nutritional values).

Would I recommend: As long as Subway is running their $5 Footlong promotion, I’d say the South Beach Living Turkey Santa Fe sandwich is a no-go. There just wasn’t enough flavor in this one to make me want to go out and buy a bunch of them. Unless, of course, unless you like sandwiches with just bread and dressing then feel free go out and go nuts. It’s definitely not as good as the Oscar Mayer Deli Creations wrap thing.

Besides, I’m a huge fan of Subway’s Veggie Delite which, with its basic ingredients on a wheat bun (although I prefer to add provolone to mine), comes to 4 Points. So for $5 I can have lunch and dinner, or lunch for the next day at work. Depending on the retail cost of this kit, you might as well run and get some veggie tastiness yourself.

Weekly Weigh-In #13 is tomorrow. I hope my Father’s Day smörgåsbord didn’t hurt me too much.

Hope to see you then 🙂

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