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facelessOkay, I know it’s been a long time since my last post here. So I just want to let you know that everything’s been fine with the weight loss.

I’m back to doing Wii Fit at night and also back to my normal walking routine during lunch. There was a period when I wasn’t doing my walking because of special events at work in which we were treated to lunch, days off, etc. But now we’ve reached a point where we won’t be having any for some time, so it’s given me the opportunity to get back into the swing of things.

My weight remains in the between 199.9 and 202 lbs. That seems to be a comfort zone for me as it’s pretty easy to get back on track with only a few pounds to lose. But if it gets into the 5 lb. category, then I’m going to start to worry. I’ve promised myself not to let that happen.

Anyway, for today’s post I thought I’d throw some humor at you. As my loyal readers know, I’ve taken great pride in losing weight the traditional way rather than throw my reliance into so-called miracle weight-loss cures, pills, surgeries, etc. only to be disappointed down the road. The only thing that will the weight off is lots of hard work and maintenance, and I think I’ve more than proven that it’s possible. The word “diet” never entered my mind, neither did the word “quit.”

You also know that I would never endorse products that make such promises, which is why I had to laugh when I saw the ad you see on the left. No, I’m not endorsing anything here and while it feels like I’m “promoting” the product by adding a link to its Web site, in this case it’s more than necessary.

I saw that ad today on and just had to do a screencap of it. I thought that maybe Jessica, the girl supposedly shown in the ad, would show her face on the Web site once you clicked on the ad.

So I clicked and much to my surprise, she didn’t (copy and paste into browser: So I thought to myself, wow, not only did this diet pill (or drink…whatever) help her lose all that weight (since she was soooo heavy to begin with), it ALSO ATE HER FACE!

Ahem. Anyway, after do a little digging I realized that not only was the picture amusing, it may not even depict the mysterious Jessica. Go ahead and check out the file name (copy and paste into browser: That’s right–it’s named “kim-before-after.jpg” which, if you ask me, seems a little strange. Additionally, her so-called blog seems to be nothing more than a bogus storefront for another site pushing–you guessed it–yet another miracle weight-loss product. And evidently, Jessica/Kim is so proud of her weight loss that she found it necessary to put a big black blob on her face.

Oh, c’mon now. Short of posting pictures of me shirtless (which will still never happen), I’ve never been afraid of being ridiculed about my appearance before, during or after my program.

So go ahead and read through her “testimonial” and tell me what you think. Remember that in most cases, the FDA has not reviewed these products nor do they back up their claims of weight loss. That alone should tell you something’s not right. And there seems to be a lot of dead ends on her “blog” which, after reading through the claims, doesn’t surprise me one bit. And the comments section? Mysteriously closed.

I know I’ve said it time and time again, but diets don’t work. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, don’t fall into the trap of overpriced products making nothing but empty promises. It takes hard work, dedication and a lot of time to get the results you want. And once you get there, the victory is so much sweeter.

In short, save your money and follow these simple rules: eat less, move more. You can do it!

(Note: I did not add direct links to the page to prevent tracking and adding to its click-through rate.)


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Originally posted on September 11, 2008 at 200by40, Weight Loss the Right Way: No pills, no surgeries, no excuses, no regrets. Unauthorized use (blog scraping) constitutes copyright infringement and plagiarism. © 2008 David Moreno

While the most obvious benefit to weight loss is better health, I’m discovering yet another one that’s playing a vital role in my life: confidence.

I’ve always considered myself a rather confident person even before I lost my weight. But even so, my brain was still wired to Fat Mode, which meant that I felt any sort of laughing, ridicule, criticism, etc. based its roots in the fact that I was overweight, even if it was not aimed directly at me.

I’m happy to say that today things are different.

I get on the train every morning and head to work, comfortably filling one seat rather than spilling over into the next and having another passenger squeeze me back into place. I still hear the laughter of young people in the background but I no longer think it’s for me, that really fat guy that just got on the train. And I have to admit that despite not being male model material, I’m noticing more female glances getting thrown at me. I’m sure this will make Ann happy 🙂

I put on my jeans in the morning, 10 sizes smaller than when I started, and know that with all of my hard work, I’ve made progress and nobody can take that from me. That gives me the confidence to tackle just about anything the day may throw at me; obstacles be damned.

And this week alone, I’ve had about five co-workers complement me on my weight loss progress, which leads into how I’ve done it and how they can, too. That alone is enough to keep me motivated.

I’m also getting the impression that I’m being treated differently; more like a regular guy that’s come to a restaurant to eat dinner rather than the fat guy that’s come to conquer the buffet and rip off his shirt in a display of gluttonous victory.

Yes, these days I no longer feel like the fat kid that was always picked last for the baseball team (and believe me, I’ve been there). I now feel like a first-round draft pick, and I like it.

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More Clarification

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WordPress has all sorts of nice features, and one of them allows you to see which blogs or Web pages feature incoming links to yours.

And this is where I have a problem.

Quite frequently, some of my posts immediately show up in the “Incoming Links” section of WordPress. I was curious to see who was linking these as I figured maybe, just maybe, it was someone keeping track of their progress and using my posts as examples.

I was wrong.

It turns out that they are being linked to a site called “Weight Loss blog” (or I won’t give them the pleasure of adding a link). Whoever owns the so-called “blog” is extracting information from others—presumably automatically and without their permission—and using as that original content in order to sell diet pills at their online drug store ( And I’m not cool with that.

(Here a few examples, linked only because it’s my friggin’ content.)

So let me go on the record by stating the following:

This entry originally posted on 200by40 on July 21, 2008.

If you are reading this post on “Weight Loss blog” or any other site that steals original content in order to make their site look legit and peddle products, please know that I do not endorse these sites nor do I wish to have my posts linked to it. Unfortunately, I have little or no control over it, hence this statement. Note that I am losing weight without the use of pills or surgery, which is why my blog is essential—to show that it is possible to lose it without throwing money away on snake oil.

Posts you see from 200by40 that end up on “Weight Loss blog” and others like it are used without my permission or consent. Please refer back to 200by40 for the original post as well as my journal on how I am losing weight the right way—through a lifestyle change that involves proper diet and exercise, not a so-called miracle in a bottle.

There, I feel better now 🙂

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Another Bagel Day at Work

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…and I’m saying “no” to them. I decided that no matter how tempting or tasty, today was not the day to indulge in some bagel-y goodness.

I’m sticking to the food I brought today, all of which are (individually) less Points than a bagel with light cream cheese, which can run about 9 Points vs. the 6 Points in my Healthy Choice pizza. Besides, I figured that eating a bagel would be too much when I already had a pizza. That’s too much breadstuffs in one day for me.

And I need to lay off consuming diet sodas again, which I have been doing a bit more frequently lately. No, I’m not back to drinking six a day but I know I’m having too many. So shame on me; I gotta resist those, too.

It’s a nice day today so I’m looking forward to my walk in about 30 minutes. It should be good!

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I’m trying to think of the right words here.

Annoyed? Probably. Disappointed? Most assuredly.

P***ed off? Oh, definitely.

It seems I’ve reached a wall that I haven’t been able to climb over yet, and that would be the 230 lb. mark. Granted the trip to Las Vegas didn’t help matters but that’s been nearly a week. I guess what it equates to is me working hard and in my mind not seeing results, when I have actually been working to lose those pounds I gained while away for a few days. So in a cosmic sort of way things are working out fine, but it doesn’t seem like they are.

Then there’s today when a group of us are going to lunch and then Ann and I are going on a date. (Yes, married couples can still do that!) I’m hoping to keep my eating under control in both instances and wake up feeling a bit lighter, even if both occasions will cut into my exercising (lunchtime walk and nightly sit-ups, respectively).

Additionally, this Sunday we will be celebrating Mother’s Day a week late because of our trip last weekend. There will be more food for that event. This is going to be a fun few days.

And I’ve also noticed that I have not been stating a goal weight in my Weekly Weigh-Ins which had become part of those posts. Those are what generally keep me motivated and the lack of one has taken a psychological toll. So allow me to do it now.

By the next weigh-in, I will be at 230.5 lbs. That’s not exactly cracking the 230 lbs. mark but it’s pretty close (and it’s 2 lbs. lost for the week). I will also find ways to keep myself busy this weekend so that it will count as exercising, and will continue to do the Ab-Lounge thing.

We’ll see how things are by next Tuesday, when I’m hoping for some good results.

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