Here comes the legal mumbo-jumbo.

200by40 is a personal blog that covers the trials, tribulations, and small celebrations that come with losing—and gaining—weight. The author is the sole contributor to this blog and the opinions or views expressed are not those of the author’s employer(s), subsidiaries, clients or business partners and no such warranty is expressed or implied.

The author may occasionally mention foods, activities, etc. that he believes have been beneficial in helping him lose weight. As each reader is different, the author claims no guarantee that any of the aforementioned will work for the reader and does not take responsibility for any damages—physical, mental or otherwise—that the reader may suffer as a result.

The author has taken it upon himself to consult a physician before starting his weight loss program, and encourages all readers to do the same. Physical activities and exercises described on this blog were left to the discretion of the author; it is up to each individual and their physician to choose what will work for them.

Unless otherwise noted, the author pays for all products mentioned/reviewed on this blog and is not a compensated spokesperson for any of them, and will gladly mention a product (on this blog) that has made the weight loss journey more enjoyable. On the other hand the author may, without hesitation, express a negative opinion of products that he believes may not have work as advertised, did not taste good, etc. whether purchased freely or were given to him by manufacturers or their subsidiaries, advertising or public relation agencies, etc.

Product samples donated to the author are for is his review and subsequent critique on this blog for the benefit of his readers, who can then make an informed decision about the product, whether based on the author’s opinion or not.

Also note that all comments are moderated and are subject to correction or deletion as deemed necessary by the author. This includes the removal of URLs posted by commentators that lead to sites advertising weight loss products. As the blog’s title suggests, the author encourages weight loss the right way: through hard work, dedication, proper nutrition and exercise. As such, the author does not believe in the effectiveness of any weight loss product that claims miraculous results in a short period of time, and any comments with URLs that the author believes meet this criteria will be deleted.

By reading this disclaimer, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the aforementioned terms and conditions, and hereby release 200by40 and its author of any damages or legal liability.

Posts on 200by40 are copyrighted and are the sole property of its author. They cannot be reproduced, copied or distributed on any other Web site or blog without the consent of the author. Any such use constitutes copyright infringement and plagiarism, and site owners using content originally posted on 200by40–especially to sell weight loss products–without permission of the author will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


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