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While the most obvious benefit to weight loss is better health, I’m discovering yet another one that’s playing a vital role in my life: confidence.

I’ve always considered myself a rather confident person even before I lost my weight. But even so, my brain was still wired to Fat Mode, which meant that I felt any sort of laughing, ridicule, criticism, etc. based its roots in the fact that I was overweight, even if it was not aimed directly at me.

I’m happy to say that today things are different.

I get on the train every morning and head to work, comfortably filling one seat rather than spilling over into the next and having another passenger squeeze me back into place. I still hear the laughter of young people in the background but I no longer think it’s for me, that really fat guy that just got on the train. And I have to admit that despite not being male model material, I’m noticing more female glances getting thrown at me. I’m sure this will make Ann happy 🙂

I put on my jeans in the morning, 10 sizes smaller than when I started, and know that with all of my hard work, I’ve made progress and nobody can take that from me. That gives me the confidence to tackle just about anything the day may throw at me; obstacles be damned.

And this week alone, I’ve had about five co-workers complement me on my weight loss progress, which leads into how I’ve done it and how they can, too. That alone is enough to keep me motivated.

I’m also getting the impression that I’m being treated differently; more like a regular guy that’s come to a restaurant to eat dinner rather than the fat guy that’s come to conquer the buffet and rip off his shirt in a display of gluttonous victory.

Yes, these days I no longer feel like the fat kid that was always picked last for the baseball team (and believe me, I’ve been there). I now feel like a first-round draft pick, and I like it.

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