Weekly Weigh-In #18

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Original content from 200by40 posted on July 22, 2008.

Week #18 is here! How did it go?

  • Weekly Weigh-In #18: 214.4 lbs.
  • Last week’s weight: 217.3 lbs.
  • Gain/loss of: -2.9 lbs.
  • Weekly average lost: 2.3 lbs.
  • Weight loss to date: 82.7 lbs.

Hey hey, look at that. A drop of 3 lbs. definitely beats that gain of .9 lbs. from last week. Now if I had only lost some pounds that week, I’d be in pretty good shape.

But this blog isn’t about what could have been, now is it? It’s about accepting your responsibilities and moving on to the next thing. So that’s what I’m doing–accepting the previous week and working toward a better one this week. Simple as that.

I had some pretty good exercise on Saturday when the family loaded up the car and drove to the L.A. Zoo. We’re Members so we can go whenever we feel, just as we do with the Aquarium of the Pacific. If you’ve never been to the L.A. Zoo, it’s up in Griffith Park and the terrain is very hilly, so it’s great for a day of walking.

And that’s just what we did. Knowing we’d be trudging along all day, I ate a Freschetta personal pizza for lunch which, for all intents and purposes, was outstanding. It’s probably one of the best brands out there. It filled me up enough to practically not want to eat dinner but I did anyway, just not a lot.

Oh, and as a way to reward myself on my progress, I bought my iPod Touch. You can read more about it at my personal blog, HolographicMeatloaf.com. I guess this means I can remove it from my Amazon Wish List…even if it’s 8GB not 32GB…hint hint…

On to other things. Ann told me about a cool new place called Yogurtland so we went there last night. While I don’t have any nutritional information on the place, frozen yogurt generally is less in everything than traditional ice cream, so right away there’s a plus. Basically, you walk in, grab a cup (there are three sizes), fill it as much or as little as you wish, add as many topping as you wish, and then pay .30 cents per ounce.

Our total was just under $10 for three cups with toppings. That’s just a few bucks more than three single scoops at Baskin Robbins sans toppings, so I’d say it was definitely worth the trip and money.

The funny thing about all this? It’s next door to a Dairy Queen, which was totally empty.

Watch out, Golden Spoon and 31 Flavors. You might be next!

That’s it for now. Make it a great week and stay focused!

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