Don’t Eat Those Muffins!

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If you’re watching your weight then for God’s sake, don’t eat those Costco muffins!

Today was Bagel and Muffin Day at work as is every second Wednesday of the month. While the temptation to eat a muffin was indeed great, I opted for the Asiago Cheese bagel and Weight Watchers cream cheese–9 Points total–and a glass of Rice Dream.

The bagels are bought from Noah’s and if you haven’t had them, they are tasty. The muffins, on the other hand, are purchased in bulk from Costco and while they do look mighty tempting, you just gotta say “no” to them.

After returning to my desk I decided to look up the nutritional value of those Kirkland Signature muffins. Here’s what I found out, and I’m glad I passed on them (Weight Watchers Points are in bold):

  • Almond Poppy Muffin (670 cal, 38 g fat, 2g fiber) 16.5
  • Blueberry Muffin (610 cal, 32 g fat, 2 g fiber) 14.5
  • Chocolate Muffin (690 cal, 38 g fat, 3 g fiber) 16.5
  • Orange Cranberry Muffin (690 cal, 38 g fat, 3 g fiber) 16.5
Info courtesy Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone

Wow. Just wow. That’s an average of 665 calories and 36.5g of fat per muffin. At this rate, the fiber content doesn’t even matter. So if you ever come across one of those things, don’t walk away from it–RUN!

And after literally at least a year of sitting in our shed, I dragged the Ab-Lounge out of retirement. You see, we cleaned out our garage last weekend and how have room to park the car in there. I still don’t believe it, either. I think we’re the only ones on the block that can do that.

Anyway, I now have room to use the Ab-Lounge once again and when done, hang it from a hook on the wall. And let me say this: after not using it for a while, it hurts.

Finally, I’m not really sure how to categorize these (as Victories or Milestones). But here’s a few things I’ve noticed lately:

  • My new belt, which I started on the fourth notch, is now up to the sixth notch!
  • My size 42 pants are slowly getting baggy!

That’s about all I got for now. Once again, thanks to all of you who have been reading this and are finding inspiration in my trials and tribulations. Keep on coming back; there’s always something new 🙂

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