Weekly Weigh-In #4; Milestone #5

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Ready? Here we go!

Weekly Weigh-In #4: 241.9 lbs.

Gain/loss of: -3.1 lbs.

Current stats with 44 weeks to go. If I lose:

  • 1 pound a week: 44 pounds (197 pounds at goal date)
  • 1.5 pounds a week: 66 pounds (175 pounds at goal date)
  • 2 pounds a week: 88 pounds (153 pounds at goal date)

There was a slight miscalculation in last week’s Weigh-In when I said I’d shoot for 3 lbs. again. I stated that losing those 3 would get me to 241. Actually, it would have been 242 so for all intents and purposes, with today’s weight at 241.9 I beat my goal for the week. I’m happy about that especially considering how the week went (although I did go to Subway for a 6″ Veggie Delight).

Here’s an update on everything else. Rice Dream continues to be my savior and I do not miss drinking milk, or having its unpleasant side effects, not one bit. In fact, I stocked up at my local store which had them on sale: 3 for $5 for the boxed variety. What’s nice about that is I can buy a bunch of them and store them, then use as needed.

I also bought a cornucopia of Zone Perfect Bars at the nice price of 10 for $10. Having a variety of them beats buying 10 of the same flavor in a box at Target. The Zone Perfect bars do a good job of satisfying my hunger while at work on those long days when we have not a lot to do–and we’ve had plenty recently.

Fruit was also on the shopping list: watermelon, pineapple, grapes, apples. Throw those things together and you have something The Wiggles would be proud of.

Nightly sit-ups, whether I want to do them or not, continue and have been bumped up to the 100-150 range. Last night was a prime example of how determined I am to my cause. I fell asleep watching the Dodgers lose yet another game and while I wanted to simply climb into bed and skip them, I made myself do the sit-ups. Once you get going it’s hard to stop. In short, don’t be lazy!

The 1.5 mile walk gets easier each day even in the heat we’ve been having in Southern California. The next few days are supposed to be cooler so it will be even easier then.

And for what it’s worth, Milestone #5 is reaching the 55 lbs. lost mark.

This is getting good. I’m a few pounds away from the 230s and I like what I see in the mirror now. My wife started a low-carb plan over the weekend and has already lost 2 lbs. I now have a partner in crime!

Goal for Weekly Weigh-In #5 on 4/22/08: 238.9 lbs. That’s still keeping my average at 3 lbs. per week.

Updates as needed but for now, I feel great and hope your plan is going well, too.

And I hope you filed your taxes by now 🙂

The Enemy–Snacking

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This week has been tough, but I take responsibility of it by not being in total control over what I was eating. No excuses or regrets, remember?

I snacked frequently at work and home and watched the scale more just a little bit. Not exactly what I wanted to do after losing an average of 3 pounds the last two weeks.

But never mind all that; I’m back in control for the weekend and Monday. And because I didn’t set a goal on my last post, I’ll do it now. I will shoot for 241 pounds for my next Weekly Weigh-In. That’ll keep my weekly average at 3 pounds.

In other news, the switch to Rice Dream has gone amazing well. I have absolutely none of the uncomfortable symptoms I would get drinking ordinary milk and believe you me, people, that’s something I am truly thankful for. The only time I run to the bathroom is when my bladder is full of water or green tea, which I drink often at my desk.

The weekend is here so go out and enjoy it! Do stuff, stay busy, and have a good time. Just don’t eat any bad stuff 🙂

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