The Enemy–Snacking

2008/04/11 at 3:54 pm | Posted in Exercise, Food, Health, Life | Comments Off on The Enemy–Snacking
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This week has been tough, but I take responsibility of it by not being in total control over what I was eating. No excuses or regrets, remember?

I snacked frequently at work and home and watched the scale more just a little bit. Not exactly what I wanted to do after losing an average of 3 pounds the last two weeks.

But never mind all that; I’m back in control for the weekend and Monday. And because I didn’t set a goal on my last post, I’ll do it now. I will shoot for 241 pounds for my next Weekly Weigh-In. That’ll keep my weekly average at 3 pounds.

In other news, the switch to Rice Dream has gone amazing well. I have absolutely none of the uncomfortable symptoms I would get drinking ordinary milk and believe you me, people, that’s something I am truly thankful for. The only time I run to the bathroom is when my bladder is full of water or green tea, which I drink often at my desk.

The weekend is here so go out and enjoy it! Do stuff, stay busy, and have a good time. Just don’t eat any bad stuff 🙂

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