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Okay, maybe not to that extreme…

During our last grocery store trip I did something a little unconventional: I didn’t buy any meals for lunch. Nope, not one Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones or anything else I usually eat for lunch at work. Instead I decided to try something different for the next few weeks and see if it saved us some money as well: I chose to eat at Subway for lunch.

The plan is pretty simple. Rather than spend about $3 per frozen meal (even when on sale or with the market’s club card), I figured that spending $5 for a footlong sandwich of my choosing might turn out to be a better deal, if anything more healthy. And being that I only eat half of the sandwich each day, one footlong will last me two days. So once I buy my can of diet soda from the machine at work, I’m looking at about $3 per lunch each day (but could be less if I buy a case of soda!) While that may only save me .50 cents per day, eating something that doesn’t require thawing out or has lots of sodium makes it worth the effort.

Besides, I already have a few low-fat and low-Point Subway 6” favorites:

  • Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki*: 370 calories, 5g fat, 7 Points
  • Veggie Delite: 230 calories, 3g fat, 4 Points
  • Turkey Breast and Ham: 290 calories, 5g fat, 5.5 Points
Info courtesy *Usually not part of the $5 Footlong promotion

Of course since they are made to order, I can opt to mix things up a bit. In fact, they accidentally put some mustard on my Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki the other day but rather than have them make a new one, I took it—and it was good! (I also ordered a 6” Turkey Breast and Ham that day, hence the mustard mix-up.)

While work provides us with plenty of fruit, I did still buy 10 Power Bars and some fat-free yogurt for my daily snacks. Granted I was never near what Jared Fogle weighed when he began his Subway deal nor am I eating Subway sandwiches for dinner, but as of now I’m really digging this plan!

Okay, other things. If you recall in my last post (which seemed like an eternity ago), I had mentioned that like mostly everybody, I splurged a little during the Thanksgiving holiday and gained some weight. What I failed to mention was exactly how much I gained.

When I got on the scale that weekend it read—yikes—207 lbs. Now keep in mind that I was still hovering between the 200-202 lbs. mark anyhow, so I saw this as a gain of 5 lbs. And after 4 days of poor eating it was definitely hard to get back on the plan, but that’s exactly what I did. No, it’s what I had to do.

As of now, 10 days after my last post, I’m happy to say that those 5 lbs. are now history and I’m down to 201.4 lbs. Remember also that Thanksgiving week I didn’t walk at lunch so that definitely had an impact on my gain, but I started to walk again on December 1st and also fired up the Wii Fit (30 minute minimum) at night.

Oh, and one more thing. I was skimming through some old photos last night and found one of me at the local batting cages in 2003. I chose to edit it with a recent shot of me for side-by-side comparison and people, it’s scary! If you wish to view it, click here.

That’s all I have for now. Stay focused, stick with your plan and never surrender—NEVER!

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A New Week Begins

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Originally posted on September 22, 2008 at 200by40, Weight Loss the Right Way: No pills, no surgeries, no excuses, no regrets. Unauthorized use (blog scraping) constitutes copyright infringement and plagiarism. © 2008 David Moreno

I have to admit that it was a pretty lame seven days last week but I’m more than prepared to make up for it beginning today. I feel fantastic and energetic enough to follow through on everything I missed out on last week when a cold cut into my regular activities.

I started by going for my lunchtime walk and stopping by Subway for lunch, where I bought a footlong Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich. I originally wanted the Veggie Delite but this fills me up better.

And while I love that sandwich, the cost was over $9 with a drink! Seriously man, that ain’t cheap! But then again I figure that the drink will last me the rest of the day and because I only eat half of the sandwich, I’ll save the other half lunch for tomorrow. So hey, $5 for lunch over two days isn’t all that bad.

I think I’m also going to switch to sit-ups again rather than Wii Fit. My knees, despite having less pressure on them than I did when I was the size of a Yugo, have been aching slightly as of late. Perhaps it can be attributed to being under the weather because that’s when it really hit me. Now they seem fine but the week I was sick they were really achy, so tonight I won’t put them through the rigors of, if you can call them that, Wii Fit. Besides, I really need a change.

Well, tomorrow is Weekly Weigh-In #27. I wish I could say I’m excited about it but all things considered, I’m not expecting any earth-shattering results. Then again, I could completely surprise myself. All I know is I’m feeling nothing like I felt last week, which means this week is going to be good. I might even reach my goal if I play my cards right!

See you tomorrow!

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Another Milestone

2008/08/07 at 6:58 am | Posted in Discipline, Health, Inspiration, Life, lifestyle change, Milestone, Motivation, weight loss, weight watchers | Comments Off on Another Milestone
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Originally posted on August 7, 2008 at 200by40, Weight Loss the Right Way: No pills, no surgeries, no excuses, no regrets. Unauthorized use (blog scraping) constitutes copyright infringement and plagiarism. © 2008 David Moreno

For years, I had labored under the delusion that I was perpetually 210 lbs.* because that’s what my California driver’s license had listed. This made for interesting looks on those few occasions when I was pulled over or the many times when I was asked for I.D.

But my friends, today things are different.

As of this post, I now weigh 210.1 lbs. which is just a hair shy of what my driver’s license reads. It’s so close that I’m going to go ahead and count it as being yet another Milestone in my weight loss progress. By tomorrow I should be there so what the hey, good enough. I can now proudly show my license when asked and not be ashamed about the listed weight. The picture, on the other hand, will need to be updated since I look like King Big Mac**.

And at my current weight it also means that I’m getting closer to kissing the 210s goodbye! Wow…remember when I felt stuck in the 230s and 220s? It wasn’t that long ago, peeps!

Moving along…

In a previous post, I had mentioned that shaving has become a little more routine since my face isn’t as chunky as it once was. Back then I had to shave every other day as opposed to every third day.

Well, now I’m shaving every morning. For a guy that couldn’t grow facial hair if he tried, believe you me when I say this is really odd. I need to invest in some more shaving cartridges. Or maybe I’ll add them to my Amazon Wish List

And WOO HOO! It’s Subway Thursday! Today’s the day I stroll on down to the local Subway for my footlong Veggie Delite so that I have lunch for today and tomorrow. $5 for two days of lunch is a pretty good deal.

That’s it for now. See ya later!

* Paraphrasing from the movie A Christmas Story. At least I give credit. ** King Big Mac refers to a term uttered by late L.A. radio DJ Bruce Vidal, who my brother worked with many years ago. Bruce once said that he looked like “King Big Mac” in a picture my brother took of him because he had a mouthful of food at the time. We still use that phrase today. We miss you, Bruce!

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2008/07/23 at 8:40 am | Posted in Commentary, Discipline, Exercise, Food, Health, Inspiration, Life, lifestyle change, Motivation, Today's Tip, weight loss, weight watchers | 4 Comments
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My last version of “Today’s Tip” dealt with the importance of physical activity and exercise which are absolutely essential when it comes to weight loss.

Today I’d like to touch upon another important aspect: sacrifice.

Losing weight the proper way—no surgeries or pills—absolutely demands sacrificing something. Well, you shouldn’t really look at it as being a sacrifice but more of a trade-off since the results will definitely be worth the effort.

What have I sacrificed, cut back on or given up altogether? Let’s see.

Continue Reading Sacrifice…

Don’t Be Lazy, Part Deux

2008/07/03 at 10:49 am | Posted in Discipline, Exercise, Health, Inspiration, Life, lifestyle change, Motivation, Video Games, weight loss, weight watchers, wii fit | Comments Off on Don’t Be Lazy, Part Deux
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My alarm went off at the usual time of 5 a.m. this morning. I normally lay in bed and slam the snooze button until 5:30 a.m. but today I decided to try something different.

I woke up, got out of bed, and went straight to the den for some Wii Fit. I did this for many reasons, mostly because lying in bed and slamming the snooze button for 30 minutes is just wasteful. It was also a way to kick-start my blood flow as I’ve been really tired at my work desk lately, and I wanted so see if this helped.

I did mostly aerobic workouts: Hula-Hoop, jogging (full island lap), step aerobics. (The yoga and strength will wait ’til tonight.) I went and took my shower shortly after the workout, which was nearly 30 minutes total.

So how do I feel? I’m munching on my traditional Thursday Subway Veggie Delite sandwich and I have to admit, I feel good. I think this change is going to work out just fine.

With the holiday around the corner, you know what that means: food-a-plenty. So stay focused, try to eat in moderation, and I’ll see you back here on Monday.

Have a safe and happy 4th! 🙂

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