The Boston Marathon Tragedy

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I had initially planned on updating my followers about how my training for my first half marathon was going and include a map of the distance covered.

Then I got a text alert about the Boston Marathon and everything changed.

Senselessness in that something like this could happen at all.

Cowardice on behalf of whomever perpetrated this act of terrorism (as it’s being classified at the moment) in proving their point, either political, religious or otherwise.

Heroism in those first responders and volunteers who rushed toward the scenes of the bombings immediately in order to help the victims, even it may have been too late. (Fatalities currently listed as three which includes an 8-year-old boy. Heartbreaking.)

While the questions of “Why?” and “How?” may never be answered, there’s one thing that is certain: this will not keep the community of runners down.

We are strong. We face look challenges straight in the face and do our best to conquer them. In time we do and when that challenge becomes the norm, we turn things up a notch and tackle yet another. This is how we live.

We are tough. Anyone who has every pounded pavement for the sheer enjoyment of simply doing it doesn’t have something wrong with them as non-runners may think. It’s just the opposite: we do it because we can.

We are fearless. Danger is all around and we risk bodily harm on our daily outings. It could be something as simple as tripping over uneven pavement or a misstep when we realize how human we really are. But in the end, we dust ourselves off and when our bodies allow, get back to what we love.

We will return. Never tell a runner they can’t. That is word is just not in our dictionary. Not only will we return, we will be stronger, faster, and better than we were before.

So to whomever is responsible for this act, know this: you have not won. You are now and will always be the minority. The good in this world far outweighs the evil and your decision make your point was all in vain.

Yes, there are victims and fatalities.

But the human spirit endures and cannot be broken.

In closing, I have one request. Whatever you believe, whatever brings you solace in a time of tragedy, I ask that you do it to honor all of those affected by what happened in Boston today. A simple moment of silence, reflection, etc. will go a long way in the healing process.

My heart and thoughts go out to all. And as has been trending on Twitter today, remember to…


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